Sunday, September 26, 2010

Humanity Flunking, Expelled UPDATED

Talking with my neighbor while doing some 'farm' chores, I mentioned that I'd seen some bear scat lately near my compost. I was mentally reminiscing about the lovely bears seen in Mendocino and other Northwest areas. He remarked about how his brother had killed a couple of them recently, had to finish off one with an ax....then went on about his son needing an education and was supporting his going into the Marine Corps for the free tuition or whatever. That about sums up my growing weariness with the whole Hispanic (conquistador-descendants) population wherein I reside. Not that they're any different from most of the non-Hispanic minority. I could have expressed my disgust, and gotten immediately pegged as a PAGAN, satanic, pope-hating, commie, hippie druggie....but it's simpler to just let 'em continue with their ignorant spewing for your in-depth edification of where you are and what time it if you needed reminding. Will I ever in this life find where a truly personal "shangri-la" is, and actually be able to live there for a spell? That would probably be the foremost perennial question in the mind of the Roma peoples, wouldn't it? I'm old and maybe it's not in the cards (I'll have to do a spread :).

Those clever unnameable ones have done a good job of creating the mass association of pagan and earth-based spirituality with 'illuminati', anti-religionism, and all that 'satanic' shit.
It's all so exhausting it makes you want to take a nap or do chillums and tequila til you pass out. Bears are scary, moozlums are scary, Mother Earth is an ogress....Herbal medicine is dangerous poison (soon to be outlawed), super-sized GMO salmon is just like the original, the evil of the world food-trade "markets" is just fine and 'natural' too, and the right to food should be connected to religious ideology....and bugs and other nuisance critters are needing eradication. Oh, and "the dark" is reeealy scary. Well, it's just final exam time, and almost the whole class is getting an "F-".

Checkin in on the latest word from the GOM, since it's faded into the memory hole, it looks as though everything's 'under control', which is the false upside-down inverted term for the halluncinatorally insane version of a deeper truth. I watched the new "heroine", Kindra, visiting some of her 'good friends', the beloved fishermen of 'many generations' in LA, at her town wharf. They were having 'fun' abusing an alligator they had nabbed for, well, the helluvit I guess. Do I have a lot of compassion for the folks of the "fishing traditions" of the last centuries? Depends on what you mean by 'compassion'. What were they doing while all the hundreds of other "spills" were happening over the last hundred years? Catching dolphins and turtles in their nets? Humans, and Merkins in particular, are so fucking brilliant. A species above all others. Unique spiritual potential.
Another moronic merkin woman accomplished the shooting and stabbing death of a record 1000lb, or whatever, alligator in another nearby Southern state. Trophy-hunting: a testament to the 'brilliance' of the degenerate human mind. Last year another prime specimen of merkin (Kansas) womanhood went to Africa for the purpose of seeing if she could be the first to kill an elephant with a compound high-tech bow (a heroine in the bow-hunting world, but now probably deep in karmic quicksand up to her neck). Geez, nothing wrong with this picture, is there? Oh yeah, she left it overnight to die a slow death while she went back to her hotel and basked in her own glory.

But the War on the Environment is not all going well. There's pockets of humans out there that are putting 2 and 2 together. Too much pissed-off-ness happening because the attacks and ruthlessness have risen to over-the-top levels, and the ptb options are limited only to escalation, so what to do? The psychopathic dairy 'worker' has people like NegotiationIsOver on his ass. A certain lady violinist, compassionate, empathetic, mother with a conscience, named Brianna, had her conviction on GMO-facility destruction thrown out. (A lot of those types of confounding, mysterious destructive actions are going on weekly, but seldom reported.) Mink-liberations and similar activities are getting too frequent around the world. All this valuable cash having to go toward 'security'. Straining the insurance folks as well.
Word from the Seashepherds on the scene: Taiji is not happening so far this year. The dolphin slaughter depicted in "The Cove" has so far been disrupted by the high numbers of foreign observers....but the perps are trying their best to get around the 'obstacles' to the success of their mindless greed. Time will tell.

Update: Sea Shepherd reports on September 21st at least 15 Pilot Whales were killed in Taiji, with heavy police presence around The Cove. Weather has prevented further capture and slaughter, but is planned through October. One Pilot Whale from Taiji this year went to Sea World in Florida after seeing his tribe slaughtered. Hope you fat 'merkins enjoy the show...
Billy Joe Gregg was sentenced to 4 months and $1000 fine for his dairy animal abuse in, the War on Terra is actually 'going well'.  Obviously it's safer to be a psychopathic killer eco-terrorist than a Peace Activist in UPSIDE-DOWN WORLD®.

It's so elementary and easily overstood by any child: that harming or killing another being for any "greater good" - other than an immanent threat to one's survival - is insane, and for the study of "medicine" it is especially indescribably perverted. Modern "medicine" is based on the work of Claude Bernard. Check him out. All universities that have medical schools or agriculture schools are shit, or "fecatoriums" as Les said, and I won't ever again contribute culturally or otherwise to legitimizing their existence, as I have in the past. All human disease originates and is caused by wrong relationship with the rest of interconnected Life, so the concept of using the false-scientific mindset of imprisoning and dissecting life-forms to find "cures" is beyond wacked. I wish for all such life-destroying institutions of higher ignorance to be reduced to rubble, like, as of yesterday! The participants in such activities are sadists of the first order, the first order of business being their banishment to the hell-realms (with a long drawn-out send-off). Getting so fucking tired of the YouTube subversive revelations footage uploaded daily from the blessed covert infiltrators of sentient-being-abusing institutions - the beauty and the horror all mixed in together - as if we haven't seen more than enough.

A return to true mature innocence, along with a recognition of the Devic presences, by the future survivors of Earth's immanent 'cleansing' is going to be the only strategy and saving grace for continuance of this spiritual dimension with any presence of hominids left in it. Decentralization too is of absolute necessity. Gandhi had it right with his "swadeshi" - local fucking everything. If it's 'local', everybody knows what the hell is going on, and the inhuman don't get to hide, and get away with, their shit.
It ain't rocket surgery. It all comes down to re-institution of the law of respect. In a renewed Earth those not adhering will be gone without a trace, forgotten, never to return.


zu said...
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Zoner said...

Nothing to add - you sum it all up nicely.

I hope to see you on the other side, brother. We WILL find the company of our brethren and build anew. I appreciate your humanity, and recognize your fine talents and finer heart.


A. Peasant said...

rocket surgery... i like that. ; D

su said...

brilliant post.
if there was any volition i think i would have chosen to cry but as it happened laughter prevailed -
because of the absolute absurdity of the cosmic script right now.

i did a one card reading :) about shangri la and got 'existence' in my hand.

in the opening paragraph where you are listening to your neighbor and just listen - i could almost see it.

and to the sea shepherds and other such groups who fight a good fight - i thank you.

bholanath said...

Thanks, Su
I got "traveling" card.
Gypsy life? Movable shangri-la?

Anonymous said...

living all
all one be
flying bird
growing tree
from seed thats little
to mighty oak
where birds settle
and old man smoke
spoke the wheel
of the cycle
all the colors
revolve the vital
to sky and ground
medicine flow
from the central
the ancient road


Anonymous said...

Not much different around here Bho. A friend of mine killed an 13 foot gator last year. I got to admit though I am not too fond of alligators.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I meant to add, they want to colonize other planets! Wouldn't that be a kicker?

Lisa said...

Great readinng your blog post