Saturday, October 2, 2010

Prime Directives & the Hungry-ghost Banquet

Ever heard of something called the Temporal Prime Directive? It means ya can't [morally/legally] go messing around with Time; like creating loops, going back and making adjustments, purloining shit from the future, etc. [without risking severe unintended consequences]. Actually, I don't think ANY kind of Directive is, or has ever been, in effect here in this section of cosmic space. The evidence for this is pretty convincing. Even the ordinary Prime Directive is seemingly just a noble-sounding plot element for a teevee script. It was never something in play locally, but was universally embraced in the NewAge 80s as an explanation for the 'friendly space brothers' non-interference in the exponentially consolidating of evil throughout the decades following. In contrast, there are the continued reports from military sources of 'outside' interference with various nuclear projects. Who the hell knows? More psy-ops? I certainly don't know, on this level, and neither do you. We really don't know jack about humanity's or the planet's history. However, this planet, apparently, was meticulously engineered (by who/what?) for an open-door/"walk-ins-welcome" policy, and now has a huge population, of all races and in all locations, of hungry ghosts, ghouls, zombie vampires, living dead, self-replicating demons, body-snatchers, windigos, pain-fetishists and the like, from all Times and Places, currently running rampant throughout all realms of the reality spectrum, visible and invisible. Examples are being reported even in the msm, eg: from human-trophy collecting 'kill squads', killing lauded as "better than sex", to the local native Pueblo guy yesterday barehandedly disemboweling his friend after applying war-facepaint. ('Normal' stuff we've always done to animals.) While these revelations barely register in the 'go-along' consciousnesses of the masses, some of us note the twilight zone style archetypal nature of something occurring beyond the uncountable atrocities of the last 5000 years. 

Nevertheless, for certain reasons, I am not convinced yet that we are defenseless, that all is lost, and that there are no mitigating factors accessible to we - the remaining normal, uncorrupted humans.  But, I'm not totally sure I can explain the reasons for that conviction.
All I know is that there are certain instances where the predators have been completely unsuccessful in their predations, following various actions of personal-will surrender, ID-ing and naming of the false-reality entities, and specific clear fearless declarations of uncensored Truth, including turning the problem/situation over to higher powers, acknowledging gratitude, and focusing attention on the joyous wonder of even the smallest example of natural Creation.  I'm thinking of recent examples of this in the personal sphere here, and stating that certain combinations of the above, along with meditations, have produced observable results. The Gaia entity is also a big part of this, as well as not being something "outside" that we need to be waiting on.

Others have noted that this is the big graduation bash for some and the final farewell (or not so well) for the rest, and that "everybody" is showing up since the word went out on the akashic net or something. "Everybody", besides the demon hordes,  includes all the masters, saints, avatars, beings of the Devic realms, and even all the non-human animal nations. Animal nations, by the way, have many times taken on to themselves individual and collective human karma, and that is something also that I have been given clear evidence of over the years.

There was a time when we sang and talked about getting "back to the Garden". We were only just becoming aware of the cycle of Yugas and the nature of the Kali period. There are accurate descriptions in Ramayana and other Hindu texts, but even on those initial readings, we remained ever hopeful. (And to even discuss the likelihood of the current manifestations back then would have had the Positivity Police kicking in our mental doors.)
The ancient ones of the East left us descriptions of 'hungry ghosts' - those who voraciously consume everything around them but remain empty in both their stomachs and souls. Are they just the products of the 'history' of endless war? Has this planet just been one big galactic ghost factory badly in need of recycling? Martin Prechtel also speaks of our millions of unacknowledged and unfed ancestors as being a major factor these days.

It's as impossible to list all the archetypal signs looping back around to a seemingly terminal 'zero-point' [zero life] as it is redundant. The net and blog world is overflowing with signs. Mere 'population-reduction' doesn't begin to cover or identify the 'program' and give us a 'problem' for which to find a 'solution'. The Gulf eco- and geno-cide, and the planned Naval Ocean Holocaust are examples that defy comprehension beyond the obvious Congos, Fallujahs, and Pakistan floods. Can anyone really discern any logic behind chemtrails? [WTF is up with the thousands of 'authentic' crop circles?] Or the 200+ neurotoxins in EVERY newborn's umbilical blood? It appears the main actors - the "big people" - are merely stuck in a different trance from the one the chemically-entranced sheeple move about in. We know it's all psychopathy and ponerization, but big questions still remain....As the former-IDF soldier on the recently pirated jewish Gaza boat observed, "everything they said is UPSIDE DOWN"! So, here we stand. The world "turned-turtle", as the Indians are fond of saying. Drones are 'disaster relief', pornography is 'love', rap is 'poetry/music', just as destruction was 'salvation' in Vietnam. Everyone knows that real language is being erased.
The Dead-zone Map - Scientific American
What we have left to work with is not insubstantial, however. "Garden" tools. We have some amount of hardy heirloom plant foods (and seeds) and wild and cultivated herbs available as we stave off the toxic junk permeating our world. We have knowledgeable naturopaths, ayurveds, herbalists, homeopaths, acupuncturists, Tibetan healers, non-commercial shamans, radionics practitioners, and others knowledgeable in the ways of detoxification. [Are you reading this, Gulf residents?]. And we have our own not-too-shabby creative, magical, and transformative connections to inborn and cultivated allies and Source. For those with eyes to see, small miracles are taking place every day without ceasing. Somewhere in there are the clues to the "big magic" required.
We can't keep trying to escape into teevee sci-fi fantasy worlds in our daily REAL WORK. I know this is especially bad news for the youth. But, hey, tantra/Taoist-yoga is actually better than pornography. Apprenticing with a skilled elder is better than video-gaming. Show a little guts and try something 'uncool'. Embark on the exciting adventure of discovering the devastating, humbling reality of how completely un-serious about Life you and everyone around you is.

Who knows, maybe you could even someday accomplish something like what the mysterious European divers of THE BLACK FISH did in Taiji - covertly and undetected cut the nets and freed a whole bunch of dolphins this week, something magic and a total piss-off of the local hungry ghosts. No off-planet rule-book-following assistance necessary.
A simple sober barefoot communing with your local natural world, without car, phone, laptop, or iPod will, after a while, show you astonishing thoughts, revelations, and inspiration arising up through the jumbled mental detritus of the upside-down fake reality of school, peers, parents, authorities, media, and all the rest of the insanity props. We know, it's a terrifying proposition. But you already know this - how joyous pure free-flowing awareness accompanies your interaction with your companion animals, or by silently gazing at a flowing or still body of water, a river or the ocean. You have known how to accomplish this since infancy.

Today's final thought:
"...the way I figure it, dogs are the most advanced beings on the planet. They're fully...self-realized. They possess unconditional love. They forgive instantly. They're empathetic and sympathetic. They're incapable of guile or dishonesty. They're always in the moment, not carrying the past or fretting about the future. Everything's always new and wonderful. Every place is always the best place to be. I say that they're the most advanced beings and I mean that by our standards; human standards...Of course, by those same ideal standards, humans are far and away the least evolved beings on the planet...Do dogs have Buddha nature? Dogs are Buddha nature. We don't need books and teachers and philosophies; if you want to learn from a great spiritual master, get a dog, they're the real Zen masters." - Jed McKenna, Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment

Reports out that Gulf activist Kindra Arnesen is very sick and hospitalized, as are many many others. I wish her a speedy recovery and all respects. She is a courageous and loving person and has done extraordinary work. I also hope she gets away from the clutches of the medical-industrial complex and she and her family get proper detox treatment.
In previous post I had mentioned that Gulf residents mostly have failed to actively confront the ongoing many-decades destruction before the blowout happened. This NYTimes article explains: Gulf of Mexico Has Long Been Dumping Site.
"They're poisoning 40 million people"

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