Saturday, October 30, 2010

Religion protecting Innocence - Not

I was searching for some mythology information in Robert Graves' two-volume Greek Myths last week, and was starkly reminded of the insufferably long history of humanity's swallowing of totally made-up crap. Graves was quite the master of cutting through the mountains of misinformation, misinterpretation, and simply wacked-out crap pulled out of the asses of the religious mythologers/scribes. The "Greeks" had their own society built on complete fairy-tale BS, sourced from abysmal ignorance of Sumerian, Egyptian, and other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern indigenous cultures. Anyway, Graves was perhaps the first Westerner with cojones to bust through the mythological politically-motivated lies, and the depraved Western educational and academic obfuscation of humanity's true history. Maybe he didn't get everything right, but he definitely got the ball rolling on uncovering pre-patriarchal realities.

Things haven't changed much. We know next to nothing of Earth's past, and that's exactly how "somebody" wants/wanted it. We seem to have quite a bit of information on the history of the atrocities, mass genocides, and raping of the planet of certain patriarchal "religions" though. I use "quotes" around religion because I consider most of what passes for it as all-fake, all the time. They have zero connection to spirituality. They are, for the most part, psychopathic oppressive mind-numbing control systems.
Many websites and blogs rant and rail constantly against the judaic system of anti-Life lies and propaganda. Most of it is true, and even if the 'Protocols' are "fake", they accurately describe our present situation; and the scriptural "history" is one of unceasing war-on-Life by a deranged insane off-planet "god" and his insane followers. You find all this railing on sites like Rense, Makow, Kidd, Glenn, Drockton, and many others.

But where do these so-called "christian" "truth-seekers" ever question or deconstruct their own thoroughly deluded religious belief-systems? Nowhere. "christianity" is purely and simply perhaps the worse mind-fuck ever to assault the human mind. Teaching kids about a "greatest, purest holy man", born in a manger, preaches some kind of "new" love-your-fellow-man philosophy, who gets tortured, killed, resurrected like a zombie, worshiped as the 'creator of the universe', followed by 20 centuries of bloody slaughter in-his-name of all that is innocent as some kind of perverted projection of 'his' suffering - is the most evil lie and soul-rape ever devised. None of it ever happened, just like Moses, David, Solomon never existed, nor any of the OT fables as described in the "holy books". I laugh when certain big ''teachers" say "all religions are the same at their core" - exactly, they are all fake!! I don't give a shit about a handfull of Saint Francises or 'liberation theologists' out of the millions of psychopaths in robes or big-hair predators in suits - and their murderous minnions - that have spread this plague of fake-religion to every corner of Earth for thousands of years. I can barely speak to so-called mainstream "christians", republicans either - they're all the same to me. A complete waste of time and breath. They've made their karmic choice to align with the alien non-human Death Cult. Maybe if someone wants to discuss "The Christos" of Sophianic Gnosticism, I might listen. Sure, Islam and Judaism are just as delusionary, as is a lot of Hinduism, but historically I don't think anyone can compete for the most death, destruction, and moral harm, against the christian followers' record.

Is yesterday's destruction of the Baghdad Museum any different from the burning of the Alexandria Library in the 390's? The torture of the Pakistani woman scientist any different from the stoning of Hypatia? Two important films were released this week on video/DVD:
The first is AGORA, starring Rachel Weisz and directed by Alejandro Amenabar of Spain. It's based on the surviving historical records of the great woman philosopher ("philo-Sophia") and mathematician, Hypatia, who taught and maintained the Alexandrian library ("Caesareum") with her father in the 300s A.D. A clear, unmitigated depiction of the fanatical fundamentalism of christianity in its earliest beginnings. It should be shown to every school child in the Western world. Hypatia was an individual in the midst of a world of various religious bullshit shitstems who had the guts to say "I DON'T KNOW". "I don't know" was more crucial than surrendering to some ideological fascist fantasy to save her own life. Do you hear much about anyone being like that anywhere today? That spelled the end of ancient records going back who knows how many millenia. So, onward marched the meme of "holy" destruction of all that's truth, historically factual, as well as innocence, and we well know how the story's turned out, first for the Europeans, then the Native Americans.
The other crucial film released last week is OLDER THAN AMERICA, by Georgina Lightning, starring Adam Beach, Tantoo Cardinal, Wes Studi, and Dennis Banks. Like a similar film produced in Canada, it depicts the uncovering of the holocaust of Native American children in the government-sponsored christian "mission schools". Yeah, the kind of shit stupid 'Merkins know nothing about, nor wish to know. Just as they swallow the fake stories of "al-CIA-duh" militants being neutralized in "Af-Pak", 'merkins used to similarly swallow the "Indian-wars" news stories of the heroic "battles" against "braves" (actually mostly women, children, and elderly).

On it goes. Stupid "christian" republicans beating up a young woman, while their "brave" boys and girls do the same in foreign lands, and never a peep about the $million it takes to kill each family member of the dreaded brown-skinned infidels. The local "christian"/RCC hispanics (conquistador-descendants) here in NM are about to vote in the war-cheering, bomb-making-funding, gay-hating, no-abortion-for-incest, medical-marijuana-overturning, corporate whore bitch, "La Tejana", as new governor. Why? Because she's one of our "race". Sick-bag, please.

Vandana Shiva has a disturbing new piece/interview on Caroline Baker's site, describing what's going on with women farmers all over the world - they are the majority of the world's starving, thanks to the "religious" corporate agendas (they attend their capitalist churches/synagogues , right?). The agenda is to eliminate ALL natural, family, traditional farming everywhere on the planet. But you already knew that, didn't you?  Should work out pretty well, eh? The ones growing the food for the world are the starving! It doesn't get any more evil than that. Ever wonder what it'd be like to starve to death?
Speaking of food: Stephan Lendman wrote an extensive article last week about Keith McHenry, our wonderfully sweet local activist, founder of the world-wide movement Food Not Bombs, who is described by the FBI as America's most dangerous terrorist, or some such crap. Feeding the hungry = terrorism. No way in hell to track all this insanity. I doubt if I've ever met a saner, more peaceful individual, with a long arrest record.

"Religion", the imitation spirituality holding humanity in it's spell, is nothing more than demonic cosmic war on innocence. Yeah, we really need fucking go-betweens/agents to contact Spirit, oh yeah. I am grateful for the remaining remnants of true spirituality - Tantra, Sufism, Taoism, Gnosticism, and assorted Pagan traditions of Indigenous peoples - and the holders of ancestral knowledge whom I have encountered, studied with, and read. As for the rest of the world's religions - I thought I had reincarnated into a time when all that crap would be eliminated from this plane, never again to be given the chance to ravage Life and innocence, ushering in an Age of sanity, spirituality, evolution, harmony, and celebration. We goddamned failed, and I'm old and bummed. Well, next time...I'm putting my request in for a 'Terminator'-type body and mind, and I'll keep coming back till every trace of these fake religions are burnt from the face of the Earth. See if I don't.

The sick shits in Taiji, Japan slaughtered another 60 dolphins last Tuesday. Innocence destroyed, as well as the spirits of the young activists on site, unable to get to the nets to affect a liberation. Contact for the Japan Embassy of US is:
A pilot who has been flying individuals over the Gulf of Mexico for months said his most devastating moment was seeing a pod of dolphins silently "watching the ocean burn" together. There is an innocence that we begin life with, and another innocence we achieve in maturity. The first can, and is, destroyed as fast as the demons are able, via religious lies and resulting destructive acts. The second, once attained, can never be destroyed.
I guess for the religiously deluded the world looks 'right-side-up'. Amazing, isn't it?



nina said...

Bho, your anger/anguish is so healthy. You said you'd be back with a bang and here you are. Heavy return. Save a spot for me on the next go around.

Why can't these marine attractions loan their lifts to relocate the GOM dolphins? They can't be so foolish as to think the oil vanished. Plumes were sighted today.

All throughout history the Papacy was taking land and jewels while exiling or burning at the stake so-called heretics. And then we have things like that Spanish Inquisition. And Galileo exiled. The list is long and ugly, the updates are long and ugly.

I felt like you did when the cracks were ripped opened with nine eleven, I had come to think we had to have been beyond BS by then, I thought we had matured. Heh. Right. Lately, its so egegious, I cannot imagine how anyone would aid in the agressions, tortures, lies from whole cloth, genocides.

Anonymous said...

thanks for that little refresher bholonath..

I rekon some of that music you have got with them strange looking instruments may do some good...neil

Anonymous said...

Good stuff brother, the Greek culture was a bit weak on the religious area, Socrates knew all about it. Still the same in the west, if you learn too much you get the hemlock.

Anonymous said...

Vomiting foamy blood in the gulf, towns smelling oil in the drinking water. Cutting up flounder with oil in them.

What I find most incredible as the number of people who sluff off reports of such goings on. The children of the corn.

I think I may use this on my blog later on after the piece on destruction through copper deficiency plays out.