Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taiji Dolphins: World-wide Protest

(Academy Award winning film, "The Cove" star, Ric O'Barry's Blog:, the main website for the International Protest,  HAS BEEN HACKED, as of 10/13 11:30am MST) Check later.
This would seem to suggest that the Gov and PTB of JAPAN (and other ILLEGAL WHALING COUNTRIES) are very annoyed at the world-wide response against what they are doing.

I'm not going to speak about 'why this matters'. It just has something to do with the Death Cult, and if you don't get it, well, you are SOUL-DEAD just as the murderers and government officials and 'marine park' CEOs and employees who depend on this slaughter to obtain their 'entertainment' specimens world-wide.

Two days ago a pod was slaughtered in The Cove (see the movie), and as the water was saturated with the blood of their parents and relatives, six young dolphins were set loose to fend for themselves and a couple were shipped off to unknown 'Marine Parks'. EXCUSE ME, but these young NON-HUMAN PERSONS have MEMORY, as well as being conscious of self-determination and their own FUTURE. SEE RECENT DOLPHIN INTELLIGENCE ARTICLE HERE. 
Video put up from yesterday:

Daily updated Videos from 18 yr old KahakaiGirl HERE
as well as HER BLOG, covering all on-scene protest actions
 I'm personally sick and disgusted with certain New Age assholes who preach all over the web and youtube that all these types of atrocities (including all anti-human and anti-nature operations world-wide by omni-fascist governments and militaries) are MERELY REFLECTIONS OF OUR OWN 'INNER IMBALANCE', and that we should SHOWER THE PERPS WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Vomitous!!! Betrays total ignorance of psychopathology as well as exposes their own idiotic greedy Babylon life-style fantasies, and sick pseudo-spiritual marketing strategies.

If you can't, or are not inclined to, be present at one of the sites - please give them a call (or 100 calls; jam up their phone lines). 
There are now 1.6+ MILLION SIGNERS to a Facebook PETITION against this evil. I know it's too bad that many other worthy causes too numerous to list do not get this kind of support, but, if you indulge in social networks, pay a visit.

Just a suggestion: when messaging the Japan Gov links, tell them about how ALL THEIR ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS ARE CURSED FOR ALL ETERNITY.


Anonymous said...

hear you bholanath,I read that last post too,interesting stuff,I will sign that face book petition..peace neil

su said...

it is beyond my ability to comprehend.
hard as i try - i can't see why there would be this need.
that there is this need perplexes me entirely.
what is the status?

su said...

as i posted the above piece a prior post of yours popped into mind. "art as technology" excerpt from Bill Wethersppon.
I found it riveting, mesmerizing, inspiring and also invalidating.
the latter because this was something so extraordinary and yet powerful and yet was completely unknown to me. that deeper knowing of connectedness to the earth that i carry a story i lack.
and as much as i loathe what is being done to these animals - i know for some it nourishes.
as the experience of the healing yantras nourished me.