Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blowing Through The Air

Sri Ramana Maharshi
A couple weeks ago I deleted a main section of my post dealing with a very personal situation. There was a lot of anger and rage expressed in the moment, and I later thought that it wasn't useful under the circumstances to make it so public for various reasons. I've had a lot of time to think about it, and much of the situation remains unchanged, but it has been helpful to take some time to assess all of it in the context of the big picture, both in the larger scheme of things outside as well as within.
The 'situation' is basically that a very close friend and guru-brother has become one of the millions of political prisoners of the empire. In reality, this person has done nothing 'wrong', has committed no offense against anyone (nor threatened), is an upstanding human being and well respected member of the community and master artisan, but has been caught up in one of the various anti-life wars-on-everything perpetrated by the psychopaths wielding their imagined power over all that stands in the way of their deluded agendas. As in many other cases, my friend is being made an example of to terrorize others, and is painted as some kind of threat to 'order' ("lawn-order", as we used to say). There is a total media black-out and a bail many times that of Assange's, as well as all records sealed even to legal representation. This is taking place in one of the most fascist districts in the country. Not a good situation, however this individual is intimately familiar with 'timeless space', possessed of natural spiritual talents unimaginable to the moronically stupid parasitic consciousnesses of his demonic tormentors. Give thanks and praises. Truth will triumph.

However, we all know that there is nothing unusual or unique about this type of occurrence. It's what fascist empires do, only the 'crimes' change over time. But the 'offense' is always: what normal real people normally do to live a normal human life and protect themselves from the predations of power-over control-freaks who worship materiality and ownership of everything "other" and are dedicated to destroying whomever and whatever fails to comply with the 'right' of their 'dominion'. This is going on non-stop everywhere every moment, and has for far too long. It takes place in the military adventures of empires, in 'civilized' societies and cities, in the forests, in corporations' domains, in religious institutions, in 'educational' institutions, in our neighborhoods, and in our homes and families. It's the all-pervading Matrix pushing our tolerance past the breaking point, crescendoing lately with the veil-renting solstice eclipse and the subsequent 'holiday' mass insanity and delusional temporal mind-loop mast-in-the-storm of sentimentality.

About this day: my attitude has long been one of hopeful anticipation toward the final erasure of this diabolical 'holiday' and all that it historically and mythologically entails and represents. I got no use for a 'day' celebrating generosity, peace, saintly awakened human beings, miracles, or whatever, since these things can be celebrated in every living moment. Neither do I need the delusion of an outside savior-son-of-an-off-planet-entity.
To quote Les Visible on this day: "The power latent within every human being is greater than all the darkness that can be arrayed against it. There are people walking the Earth right now who make remarkable changes in the world at every point where they are moving through it and it takes place without anyone seeing it happen."
My final thought on this matter is this: In the book The Golden Thread of Time, by Crichton E.M. Miller, he outlines how the Celtic Cross is the divine instrument which is key to the ancients' knowledge of the many cycles of time, large and small, which illuminate our temporal existence in this world and support our evolution of conscious awareness of the patterns of our awakenings. This instrument/symbol parallels those of the First Nations peoples, who were, naturally, disturbed at the omission of circularity in the symbol displayed by their visitors five centuries ago. The fact that such a key symbol has been altered and re-defined as an instrument of torture meme, to be worn about the necks of millions of the "faithful", is the most telling and ugly description of human degradation and degeneration that has taken place over the last great cycle of the ages. It's long past due for this abomination to be corrected and its memory flushed and composted for a new cultivation of a sane and demon-free age waiting to burst forth from Gaia's soil.

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A lot of folks have been increasingly writing about "the coming/ongoing/immanent retributive justice" blowing in the wind (for want of a better term). None can say when, nor clearly identify the agency for this hoped-for manifestation. It remains to be seen. But there's not a one with any Jah-given intuitive sense who does not feel it, like a natural mystic blowin through the air. I don't claim to be able to discern the agency nor the mode or scope of what looms before us, but, in the silence of natural contemplation, voices other than the spinning mind are heard, felt, and understood.
Something is taking place in Taiji, Japan, where the dolphins are being slaughtered every year by the thousands, as exposed in the award-winning film The Cove, and where the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's 'Cove Guardians' have been bearing witness and documenting the daily events. The Guardians are being increasingly approached by normal Japanese citizens to hear words of support, praise, and honoring appreciation for what they are doing. They are being hailed as heroes and bowed to. The other side of this phenomenon is that people are stating that they themselves are afraid to openly stand up and criticize the killing, though they know it is terribly wrong. They are afraid to publicly question a "cultural practice", as well as an emotional affront to all decency. Sound familiar? I have myself wondered and questioned members of SSCS why it is that THEY seemingly have a policy of not showing EMOTION while confronting and in the presence of the killers whom they pass by daily. I have received no response.

This brings me to the point of this post. We know that psychopaths pride themselves on not feeling human emotions, and despise them as being stupid human weaknesses. I recently finished reading the phenomenal book by Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words. In it is an excruciatingly detailed account of his own abuse at the hands of his father, as well as a detailing of the emotionally dead full history of the 'civilizing' of the 'savages' of the Americas and the land of this hemisphere. The process is identical. He speaks of his own decades-long process of resurrecting his emotional body from the childhood practice of disassociating into a void-place of non-feeling, non-knowing, and non-remembering. Culturally, this is what has taken place in western culture. We all know what the enabling institutions are.
Furthermore, this relates to the "language" in the title. He undertakes an exploration, with the aid of indigenous people, scientists, environmentalists and other associates, into the subject of "interspecies communication", which is the now-forgotten language. The experimental and experiential processes are fascinating, and well worth the read. He visits with the gentleman who, in 1966 as a police lie-detecter specialist, first noticed responses coming from his plants hooked up to electrodes. This person, who sparked the 'secret life of plants' phenomenon, has continued for 40 years to delve deeper into that world, eventually monitoring single-cell creatures and even protein molecules. EVERYTHING responds to EMOTION! That's the undeniable conclusion. Everything in creation. But is has to be raw, SPONTANEOUS emotion. We have all seen, of course, the frozen water crystal experiments documented by the Japanese scientist. So, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg (grin). Hell, Jensen himself kept hold on his sanity as a child by talking with the stars, and they responded! Too woo-woo for you? Too bad. It can't be explained. You have to be there. Uh huh..."animism", in this other language.

So, to bring it around to the present moment, it seems that one of the most critical endeavors we need to engage in is the healing of our Jah-given abilities to deeply listen, and express our deepest emotional responses to what is occurring with the destruction of all life, including our own bodies, and to recognize that EVERYTHING is feeling and responding to the ongoing process, including the dying bees, the dying bats, the beaching whales, the plants, the weather systems, the Sun, our ADD children, the insects, the soil, the oceans, and literally everything else. Following Julia Butterfly Hill's blog, I see this young lady who inspired a generation perhaps more than any Earthfirster in our lifetime, berating herself for still collapsing in an "emotional mess" due to her work and bearing witness. This is who we really are, my dear. All Life, itself, will be the agency for the coming changes and transformation.
A last word from Jensen's friend, Jeannette Armstrong: "Attitudes about interspecies communication are THE primary differences between western and indigenous philosophies. Scientists still think that 'listening to the land' is a metaphor. It's not a metaphor. It's how the world is."


Erin Parsley said...

Thank you for this post. I'm glad your last post wasn't your last.

This afternoon I spoke to the trees in the forest that surround my home, and thanked them for their sheltering, grounding presence. I also thanked the other plant life, rock and mineral life, and animals that live here for allowing me to co-exist with them. I have been experiencing an increasingly deep resonance with them, and feel they are the best friends I have. To happen to read what you wrote just today made perfect sense to me.

I have read many of Derrick Jensen's articles, but now I am thinking I better make time to read his books as well.

Anonymous said...

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a sign of all around
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of living loving peace
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cross the living reach..


Anonymous said...

bho I think he will come out stronger,refreshed and rejuvenated,probably with a load of inspirations.people of that nature allways do..neil