Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Extinctions, Wildness, and Angels

Artwork by Ron Cobb 1967

News flash: Senator says, "Denizens of darkness are waiting out there in temples around the city to shred this baby to bits."(12/1/2010) No...really, I'm not making this up. You can't make this shit up. Is that interesting apocalypse language or what? We'll come back to this later.

What can one possibly write about the culture-of-extinction/death-cult that hasn't already been covered by millions of words by some of the most eloquent culture-creatives from every corner of the Earth?
"Science-educators" have been publishing articles for at least 40 years on why extinction is of little or no consequence. They cover both non-human species as well as indigenous tribal peoples. The first place I encountered this was in the Smithsonian Journal many years ago. But big-science keeps crankin' out both the articles and the cranks who write them. They're not for academic review, but for public consumption. Maybe you never read these pieces, however they're just another subtle meme spread through the collective by the death-cult to prepare the serfs for planned future shock doctrine events. Nothing to get excited about. It's all just a natural part of life and evolution, you see.

Now we've arrived at the "future". Most didn't see it coming, nor do they see the coming cataclysmic conclusion slated for the final act. There won't even be Smithsonians to house the stuffed remains of the last specimens. Zoos will be emptied of the last-of-their-kind prisoners. A few 'pigoons', GM-hybrid escapees from Monsanto's labs, will scavenge amongst the detritus of lifeless suburbs till they're caught and eaten by the  neo-cannibalist survivors of the earthly endgame. It doesn't look hopeful, but there's always a chance that some of us can, and will, improvise away from the script.

Observing and listening to our non-human brethren and neighbors may give us the clues we need to other ways of being. The reality is that animals are always communicating to us (at least when they're not taking care of personal business). They are doing it almost all the time, and are intensely aware of our presence. However, our disrespect is what makes them bored, and us deaf. Is this what Derrick Jensen meant when he wrote "A Language Older Than Words"? Maybe. The languages of the animal nations were/are understood by our ancestors. As he also notes, animals should/could be our primary teachers. (They have been mine.) But then...we became insane. Afflicted with contagious malignant narcissism. (Narcissism has now been removed from the 'official' catalogue of mental illnesses! How cool is that?) Speaking of narcissism and the "zoo" reference (and Jensen) - his recent book, "Thought to Exist in the Wild" is another thorough analysis of the separation-from-Life roots of human insanity. He writes: "It may be flattering in an infantile sort of way to believe that everything is here to serve you, but in the real world where real creatures exist and real creatures suffer, it's pretty pathetic to pretend nobody matters but you." " fact the central conceit of this whole culture is that all these others have been placed here for us, that they do not have any existence independent of us..." Yeah, I think we all saw that.

As we proceed through the process of objectification to it's logical endpoint of totality, where non-human persons, then elements of the environment, then 'inferior' races, then women...we see it's all actually pornographic, ultimately any other human ceases to exist other than oneself and we can then finally erase the taboo against cannibalism. Which is exactly what we have, both in the highest elite satanic political-corporate circles and in the demonically-ravaged coked-out child-soldier wars in Africa..."shredding" of babies and children by the "denizens of the darkness", as referred to in the quote at the top of this post.  Expect more of this in the ongoing 'unveiling'. (Google "General Butt Naked")

This narcissistic negation of the real existence of 'other' is actually a total inversion, a backward, upside-down abomination and tragic caricature of an infinitely deeper mystical truth. For those who have journeyed in the shamanic realms of 'no-time', 'no-other', and received initiations of 'absolute responsibility for the creation of the universe' (and 'the origin of the universe' is now), and are the ones (in all times, in all places) who bring back the treasure-jewels from the goddesses' underworlds - the revelation-gifts for humanity - our separateness is both an illusion and the path through illusion to the ultimate truth of oneness - with all creation. 'Other' is nothing but part of our own self. Strangely, it can only be reached through everything 'other' - in this world. Every leaf of grass, every dragonfly, every redwood, every bison and dolphin and face of a beloved is a doorway into the divine truth of our (and all beings') simultaneous individuality-and-oneness paradox. These things are not supposed to be talked about, I am aware. But we are in pathless unknown territory now. Things previously un-accessible are no longer outside our grasp. We need to, as well, identify the fake divinity - death. And we need to realize that the innocence our species tortures and destroys in the forms of 'other' non-human individual persons is nothing other than our crucial connection to who and what we essentially are.

We've come a long way from Descartes, baby ("Animal-cries of terror and pain = machine noises"). Or have we? Where's that comet?
There is lately not only a ramped-up ('war on terror') campaign to defend animal 'research', but a ramping up of 'scientific' rhetoric to prove that we all need to eat more 'meat', because 'our ancestors always have' and because veg diet is unhealthy, as well as being a part of the depopulation agenda/plot. It's "scientific", O...K...!!!!???? So, it must be 'truthy', right?
Peter Kingsley has written about our western culture's primary philosophers of the pre-BCE Greek civilization. Two main characters ('gurus' of Plato and Socrates) were Parmenides and Empedocles, actually heirs to the perennial shamanic/mystery traditions, whose words and teachings were turned upside down by those (uninitiated) that followed them. It came to be (mis-)understood that 'reason' and 'logic' were what their gurus taught are the sure paths to knowledge and wisdom. Not.
They, and Empedocles in particular, had some things to say regarding our animal brethren too. "To kill animals and eat their flesh is not just an abomination but 'the greatest abomination of all'".... and "When the soul violates the strict ban on destroying life and eating flesh in Aphrodite's (worldly) charming realm,...this will not be its first fall from grace."
(Referring to the previous 'fall' from Divinity - into the mortal realm.)
"Every single human is an unconscious immortal. But this is the least of it. So are animals and even plants...Immortal life is everywhere, sacred, inextricably entangled..."
I guess we can take this however we wish. After all, truth is only self-discovered. But those are the words of prophets.

Those prophets taught that the path to wisdom and truth - through this reality - is the path of continuous, unbroken awareness and focus on what is right in front of us always. Sounds like Taoism? Tantra? Sufism? Very connected, these lineages.
Tupac Amaru

Watching the film "South of the Border" recently was enlightening on many levels. One was how the majority of the people in South American countries have not been swayed by having 90% of their media being fascistic and moronic. Another was the quote, given by Hugo Chavez, from Tupac Amaru, the Peruvian indigenous leader (non-human, of course) of the rebellion against the Spanish in the 1780's, when being tortured, drawn and quartered, along with his wife and children, exclaimed "I die as one, but I will return as millions!"

Check these three ladies out! One, with a law degree, says she "sold her business, her house, and her car" to campaign full-time for the sharks - THE SHARK ANGELS

Shark Angels from WildSphere Productions on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

From Lloyd Kahn's blog:
Richard Vacha writes a column on tracking animals in our local paper, the West Marin Citizen. From his latest column on our native Grey Foxes:
"The fox is an expert at reading the forest or field for signs of unguarded baseline activity or for alarms. The fox seems particularly sensitive to out-of-context behavior typical of humans, particularly the unsettled mental state we often carry with us. Trackers commonly report that once they learn to truly quiet their minds and harmonize with spirit of nature, the fox begins to show itself…"
"The very term, fox-walking, implies a slow walk in a heightened state of awareness that moves beyond the immediate sensory input to a wider sense of what is going on in the whole landscape. This type of walking, coupled with wide-angle vision, (and) the dynamic use of peripheral vision, can quickly induce a calmness that animals in nature respond to. These are two of the primary tools of a tracker interested in establishing a deeper connection with nature. This is how the animals themselves become our teachers, as they have been since the dawn of man."

Also more on this from Jack Tuner's book "The Abstract Wild"
and Joan Halifax's "The Fruitful Darkness"


bholanath said...

Thanks so much for that validation. That's an exact description of the "awareness" referred to in Kingsley's book. Many of us understand what up with this way of being.
In the film "Sharkwater", the diver/director talks extensively about his calm, acute awareness that allows him to interact with the sharks as he does.
Welcome, I'm honored.

bholanath said...

Oh yeah, Scrap -
I lived in Marin for over a decade - mostly 70s and 80s. 5 years as land surveyor, we had all the old field-books/records of West Marin from early times, so we were usually called to straighten stuff out. Those were the best days and jobs.

Anonymous said...

beautiful creatures
gathered in paradise
brothers and sisters
fathers and wives
sharks and fishes
birds and bees
gathering harmony
brushing the trees
rush all around
interpretations of light
vibrating the frequencys
mysterys of life
signs on the road
lead up the way
path to liberation
through the mind paved.


Anonymous said...

Thank You and I am truly honored as well. Bowing in respect to you my friend.