Thursday, December 9, 2010

Imagine Me Being Done

We've been heretics for 10,000 years. Been tortured, burned, drawn and quartered, racked, starved, imprisoned, beheaded, shot, droned, assassinated and destroyed by every method conceived by the psychopathic molesters of both mankind and our more-than-human sentient being brothers and sisters.

Our crimes have been 'wrong thinking', reading wrong books, illegal gatherings, consuming wrong medicines, disobeying 'authorities', following our conscience and common sense and ethics, obstructing the rape and ecological destruction of Mother Earth, protecting our children from predators, teaching what we know to be true, and anyone with half a brain knows the rest of the whole goddamned story...

We have acted and spoke and written and preserved and sacrificed for thousands of years, yet we are here today watching hundreds of species extincting every day, swaths of millions of acres of the natural world obliterated daily, millions of children unnecessarily starving daily, wars consuming innocents by the millions and resources and energy, watching our beloved, magnificent, creative, brethren and sistren's lives destroyed, communities trashed; and the horrors don't diminish, but increase exponentially.

I've completed what I started out to do here. I wanted to leave a record of who I am for my children, say some things that never got said, get shit off my chest, redeem myself in the eyes of ancestors and preceptors, and say how it looks around here from my eyes and heart.
Disgusted and tormented, I have nothing more to say. 

Possibly I will continue archiving my mridang traditional compositions and improvs. My brother is the one who encouraged me, still encourages me, to do this. And I haven't even got to the 14's and 10's yet on the YouTubes. Time will tell. I'm not, nor have ever been, 'in charge'. 
It's time for other Work. Dominos will be falling.


nina said...

I am so sorry, for him, his family, you, everyone involved and all the others and the species who have to go through what we go through in this journey.
We just want fairness and the secret of life is that it is not and never has been fair. Its all loss with few and far between highlights and then more and greater loss.
Cast the Net of Light bho. Its time.

su said...

no we are not done yet.
not until the whole shitting system collapses into itself.
not knowing this being but feeling his presence via your words - i do the only thing i know to do -
i light a candle with the intention for divine resolution in the quickest time possible.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel Bho. They say ignorance is bliss and sometimes it feels worse to be aware of the ongoing destruction as opposed to the mob who don't really recognize there is a problem.

m. edward godward said...

In the spirit of healing:

Snatam Kaur: Ong Namo

May it Resonate like the work of John and Nancy in the Gulf.

Thank you for your resonance.

Endwell Road said...

So sorry to hear this news.

Your pages have been filled with inspiration and despair. All belong here.

Be well on your journey, of choice and of being.