Monday, January 24, 2011

Spies Going 'Native', other oddities

Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambho, Kashi Vishwanatha Gange....
There was a time when Shiva danced and the Goddess had to be summoned to calm things down a bit. There was also a time when Kali danced and Shiva had to be alerted to chill the situation. Looks like we got a pas de'deux/jugalbandi/duet goin on, and it's just in the entreé/alap/intro stage, and who the hell is gonna cue up the appropriate tune this time? Every element in the univmultiverse is veering toward out-of-control, and the chaperones have left the hall and the gandharva band is lost in divine rapture of simultaneous (disconnected?) improvisations. Jerry Lee Lewis is poundin away at 'shake, rattle, and roll', but the effect is spreading out like a Tesla foundation-shaker gone planetary. [What's with this name "Lee", anyway?! - Oswald, Lucas, Loughner - (no disrespect for the normies named Lee)] The "real" is awfully close to "Fringe", and I guess that's the point....[hi, Observer!] Also, as Russel Means (via DublinMick) says, "welcome to the Rez!". Well, we should all take notice of how folks have been surviving on the Rez for last 500 years. Lot of timely lessons there.

Thought I would call attention to a certain article published in the British Mail Online, where a young, not-too-smart 'National Public Order Intelligence Unit' cop was sent into the deep "eco-warrior" circles, and ended up "going native". This is illuminating on several levels. This guy was not someone fully infected with the Wetiko virus, but he was on a leash for a good 8 years with the 'National Domestic Extremism Team' (yay team!), but managed only to do some G8 protests and apply banners, get beat up, and basically come up with zilch as far as 'terrist' activities - in 8 years - plus he got laid a few times, got some cool tattoos and shades, and got to play in a rock band!
See article here: MY LIFE ON THE RUN...(as in hiding somewhere in US, from both environmentalists and MI5/6 assassins, and maybe a few pissed-off women [grin]).

Update: Undercover Sex With Activists
Update: Same Dude Was Active in German Anti-Fascist Groups
Update: Story Gets Weirder

I'm not going to post/imbed this video, but was alerted to it recently from Mercy For Animals. They did some undercover filming of a place called "Catfish Corner" in that room-temp IQ state of Texas. It's quite awful, showing how good-ol-boys down there prepare your meal by skinning alive catfish (then killing them AFTER!) so the morons dining can get the full benefit of horror, terror, and suffering entering their useless-eater shit-hole bodies garnished with Corexit mist with every bite. Kinda shows what level a large portion of so-called humanity is on, and how they really don't exhibit anything resembling qualifications for existing on Earth. Living, feeling, conscious beings, to be offered to our sacred human bodies, are just basically "things"/"objects", like screwdrivers and beer-cans apparently.
See video here: SKINNED ALIVE

The pandemic is something we may still eventually very well have to deal with, even as scattered mountain-dwelling survivors, after the agendas - that 'they' lost control of - play out, and absolute multi-dimensional weirdness manifests in every location. It's best we become, or remain, steadfastly uncompromising in our perceptions of 'who' our real allies are. People who talk like they're 'with us', expounding on 'who the enemy is' , and 'what's reeealy going down', all over the media and social networks, but don't bother to think about how they relate to the rest of Life, nor what they put in their bodies - well, they might just realize they have more in common with Eric Prince and maybe they forgot to circle that May 21st date on the calendar.

I think I got a pretty good handle on who to trust, which is practically no one, and I mainly don't 'let anyone in'. I remain perfectly content at this point to do hit-and-run, drive-by gigs, compose in-studio, and help out around the land and the wildlife rehab scene. Artists and animals - I can read them in an instant, just by their vibrational communication. I've misjudged in the past, but my skills are better-honed now. Usually the imposters will simply project onto me that I am the one who is 'untrustworthy' and 'disrespectful' (of their agendas), and that kind of projection occurs more frequently lately, but also more quickly comes the clarity. How come the world isn't run by artists, poets, and musicians anyway? Oh, never mind.

An UPDATE on the gentleman who was 25 days into a fast regarding the Japanese aggression against Sea Shepherd's attempts to block the illegal whaling in Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary:
Captain Paul Watson has implored him to end his fast, and he has complied. Here is his statement and the letter from Capt. Watson:
"The year 2011 is no longer a world where people care if you live or die."

"The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be." - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Anonymous said...

Bho you reminded me of the movie Geronimo. You may have seen it, the tracker is Robert Duval is talking about bands of Texans who hunt Apaches for their scalps and he laments, Texans..lowest form of white man on the planet.

FeelingTheWoo said...


Just began to explore your page and I want to thank you sir! I feel that I have found (another) home. I have much respect for the preservation of the traditions of indigenous and ancient cultures of this beautiful planet. I am a TEXAN mr.Dubmick (although Austin is and island) and followed my heart out of the US in -99. I have spent my time among the indigenous cultures of Latin America and lived in the Galapagos Islands for a time, where I met Mr. Paul Watson and partied with the (ever rotating) Sea Shepherd crew. I now live in Europe and feel somewhat "lejos" from the friends I made on that continent. I dig the space you have created here and will be checkin in often. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

With what is going on in Egypt this one is worth another look.

WV rante