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Other Dog and Pony (Horror) Shows

Mahasiddha Kukkuripa - Source
I'm getting so fucking sick of pointing this shit out, I may just drop it altogether soon. No, I am not going anywhere near those now-completely-uncloaked dog-shit-spewing candidates for top-dog degenerate-in-service-to-omnicidal-ecstasy....not that dog-and-pony show.
Rather I'm just pointing to the personage at the left here, a certain Buddhist Mahasiddha referred to as Kukkuripa, "the Dog Lover". He is the tantrik yogi who forsook the Buddhist 'paradise' when he saw his rescued dog friend again suffering and starving in his absence. Meditate on this image. Beautiful on many levels, no? [Can't find the artist, though it could be Robert Beer.]

Upon returning and embracing his pining companion, she turned into a beautiful Dakini who granted him complete realization, whereupon he lived a long life of selfless service and ascended to the Dakini heavens with hundreds of devotees.  

This one's for those who identify with the sacred instructions given to our ancestors regarding our part in the divine experiment of Sophia/Gaia/Madre Tierra, but maybe not so relevant if you're stuck in the religious or newage paradigm that says it's all under control of something "out there" and our job is to keep stocked up on organic doritos, beverages and kush. Meaning: Instructions to be followed through the entire cycle to its end-point, with collaboration and engagement.
Where we're going here is into the realm of what John Lash calls "Gaian Eco-Sorcery", also "Kalika Warriorship", alluding specifically to the nature of this particular moment in the time-wave, and its corresponding iconography. This could also be considered equivalent to, in ALF and ELF parlance, "Self-defense by extension". It is specifically about the personal response to what is undeniably, unacceptably intolerable. A deep discussion took place a couple weeks back on this subject in Mexico with friends. On the return, passing between El Paso and Las Cruces, I viewed the massive cattle feed-lot stretching for miles (almost as big as the one on I-5 in Cali, where a recent ALF action torched 14 semi's to ashes - roundly applauded and celebrated). I'll get back to the feedlot shortly.
John Lash, on Jan. 19th, discussed this subject in depth on GrokTheTalk and can be heard HERE. A very important and timely post. 

What Lash says resonates intimately with my own feelings and life experience, both because I have experienced first-hand an extended journey into the Devic Realm (a story for another time), and because I have a continuing deep relationship with Ma Kali over 37 years. The Devic world was once fully visible and connected with human society, but receded into near-invisibility due to the Wetiko Predators' take-over of Earth. Only the animals remain visible from that realm, and the entirety is enraged. At this late stage, we don't even know if our warriorship is a 'choice' thing, or even matters. It is likely that all present warriors are functioning solely as instruments of the Goddess, having surrendered personal will to Her, and acting spontaneously on Her behalf. This makes the question of violence-vs-non-violence moot. As Camille Moreno says, the "John Brown moment" can arrive any day. I have turned and continue to turn all grief, rage, and wrath over to Kali, and it is a most empowering process. In Mexico it became clear that all Gaian warriors now have 'permission' to use any and all skills and knowledge acquired through all lifetimes, including those previously forbidden. 

The War on Gaia/the Devas is the same as the War on Innocence (on the Innocents). For thousands of years in the crosshairs have been: the children, the feminine, wildlife and habitats/wildness/wilderness, healers and shamans, artists and artisans, purity of air/water/food, "food animals"...we know the drill. Newly added targets for terrorization now are the equine races and the canine races. Equines have been a primary 'resource' in service to "civilization" as well as iconic partners in a human-animal dynamic. So have our canine friends, for 33,000 years, been allies and loyal servants. 'They' are finally getting around to demonstrating for our own horrification, that even these beloved relatives can be subjected to the worst.

In his talk Lash correctly identifies Kali with the "expression of the wrath of Gaia". "She is the one who delivers our species from enduring the enslavement, entrancement, and enforcement of the spell of the predators. In the case of each individual person, Kali requires an offering that shows that you are ready to break that spell, a statement of your commitment. To apply your power against those who intend harm, intend harm to them."
He also notes that Kali's warriors can be identified by the way they are "disarming to ordinary people, having innocent charm, which is the same as the power of the nagual."
The predators are not high masters of magical powers, but the "blind instruments of the supernatural powers that have been banished from human experience". Just like the Devic realm, recovery is imperative, like, now. In conclusion, Lash accurately notes that the true nature of Ma Kali is "magnificent tenderness".... like the samurai sword fiercely swung, delicately slicing the tips of the hairs on your face. 
Last moment terror

Passing the feedlot, my thoughts turn once again to the United Horsemen, and their demonic spokesman, excuse me, 'president' Dave Duquette. I realize that, despite widespread opinion, for him and his demon horde, it's not about greed per se. Pure, unrestrained hate for the Devic realm, an ancient obsession with its annihilation and therefore the death of Gaia is what its about. They have announced a grand convention April 2-5 at the Embassy Suites, Oklahoma City, featuring Temple Grandin, to go big-time with their plans to slaughter the wild horses of the west, the retired race horses, and anything else equine they can lay their hands on. Politicians and billionaires are lining up to cash in on the emotional terror feast.
The keynote address on Wednesday morning, April 4th, will feature renowned scientist, Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University speaking about "Humane Horse Handling."  The rest of the morning will be dedicated to the introduction, explanation, and demonstration of a suite of technology solutions that are being implemented throughout the re-emerging horse processing industry to ensure continuing high standards of humane handling of horses at every stage, as well as food safety and quality with scientifically valid testing, inspection, and third party monitoring and audit systems. 
Wednesday afternoon, April 4th, will be dedicated to strategies and tools to effectively communicate with and inform policy makers and the public, as well as how horse owners can protect themselves from animal activist attacks. The afternoon begins with an address from Kevin Murphy, Food Chain Communications, talking about the "Moral-Ethical Implications of the Horse Processing Debate - How it Will Be Framed to the Public - How You Can Respond." Also included in the afternoon will be Mindy Patterson, president and co-founder of The Cavalry Group speaking to "Defending Your Private Property Rights and Going on the Offensive Against the Animal Rights Movement." 

Interesting that the Spielberg film War Horse is currently playing around the country, with the theme of equine nobility and service. Purposes of demonstration abound. Scores of AR organizations have been alerted, and Duquette's response to the leaking of the conference program is to taunt the community of sane humans with "remember, we got the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)". You can't make these scenarios up. Grandin's that fucking sick-ass autistic scum whose intellectual "prowess" and complete absence of empathy and spiritual self-reflection engineers new and improved ways to lead cattle to slaughter, and apparently has drawn up the plans for the horse strategy. John Brown moment soon comin'. I'm sure there are different colors of autism, but...she's definitely not indigo. Maybe I should add a quote here from the good 'Doctor' Grandin: "I do have emotions and they are very strong.  However, they are simple, not complex; such as a growl compared to a thunderstorm. I have replaced emotional complexities with intellectual complexities."
2011 New Mexico Magazine photo contest winner
This kind of shit is coming on line, of course, as many studies are revealing the extraordinary emotional lives of the animal tribes. Can we remember, as our First Nation relatives do, the time when we conferred with the animal tribes? Not so long ago in cosmic time. Here is one of many relevant articles:

It's past time to get serious about reanimating our invocational memories and skills. This is not the 19th century, when fire-power was the prime determinant. Among the 7 billion here now are all the spiritual warriors of ages past to single-mindedly focus their talents in co-operation with the physical-activists to unceasingly envision the world anew, totally cleared of all aspects of the old death-culture paradigm. Vigilance against getting side-tracked by clever, cynical-voiced wordy charlatans is crucial. Become unshakably solid in our true siddhis and connection to inner source, not the bullshit entertainment low-level siddhis so prevalent in our pop-culture-derived 'spiritual' vocabulary. Time left can now be measured in weeks, not years.

China' famous crying slaughterhouse buffalo
Those still not ready to drop the old paradigm of excusing and ignoring the 10 billion/year industrial holocaust are headed for certain unending imprisonment in karmic hell realms.

People like Duquette and the forces behind such psychopathic puppets will quickly and easily jump over to the canine market. You didn't know there was a 'canine' market? Have a look. South Korea, China, Vietnam and other countries have a booming business in "meat dogs" - everything from St. Bernards to Chihuahuas. It primarily for "energy" and making men's dicks bigger, as you would expect. Powerful mafias run the show, paid-off 'doctors' prescribe, and police protect. The export market is waiting to be tapped. You think Kali Ma's not pissed and hungry for a massive feast?

All efforts with powerful intent work. 68,000 emails, thousands of facebook posts, and hundreds of calls stopped AirFrance from shipping monkeys from Mauritius to O'Hare this week, in a period of 24 hours. Use all your power, spiritual and temporal, on all levels to both heal and destroy. You're working for the Mother, don't forget. The destruction of Innocence is all for your benefit. Do you feel it yet?

To close this post on another subject -
Two films recently released: The Grey and Big Miracle. The first made by an asshole who is "afraid of animals", who treated his cast with a lunch of wolf-meat. Nothing more to say. We all know about the war on wolves.
The second, Big Miracle, is about the '88 international effort to free a whale pod in the Arctic. I'm going to point out, and re-post, the true back-story on this movie, as I did a year or so ago on this blog. The film producers knew of this back-story, but found it too terrifyingly paradigm-busting. My good friend, Beau, shamanically placed a giant crystal in the sea exactly where this scenario happened a week before all the world press descended on the place. The evidence is undeniably clear in this reposted video:

Time is short and I have more important things to attend to than continuing to write about this shit. Night of Shiva is coming up at the coming New Moon, and Shiva is the devoted servant of Kali Ma. All-night ceremonial action is prescribed. 
Om Namah Shivaya, Om Durgayai Namah


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I'm in ... a few more hours of dealing with tech stuff and then my focus is focused again ...

I'm also calling those that have worked with me before .. to refocus our little group.

nina said...

You mention Temple Grandin's emotional tradeoff to intellectualism, this would be the overall ideal state for the New World evidenced by saturated toxicity in western lifestyles gradually seeping into nonwestern lifestyles, as big pharma, big ag and Mysatan move a depleted planet into soylent green, because after dogs and horses, who's next? Now they are hot to find another Earth where they can stripmine it for themselves.
See what a little Thimerosal in mandated vaccines can do?

Great post, necessary and courageous.


bholanath said...

OMG...thimerosal. An unintended side-effect I'm sure: that 'overall ideal state'. I didn't even think about the connection. And, right, soylent green...mind's running slowly these days.

Anonymous said...

Glad you found me and thanks for the research.


nina said...

Just think what a growing population of Temple Grandins (intellectual "prowess" and complete absence of empathy and spiritual self-reflection engineers new and improved ways to lead cattle to slaughter ...) could do for the Wetikos' wonderland. And when they run short of ingredients for soylent green, the Temple-bots will jump willingly, seeing their part as an organized, fear-free benefit to the program.

Making "Mahasiddha Kukkuripa" my screensaver, thank you. So much there to inspire.


Anonymous said...

nice post bho,,,i dont know if you saw a couple of weeks ago on sign of the times,really really sick disgusting horse mutilation,,the whole thing stank of shere twistedness,,,i havent got the link but its still over their somewhere,,,,

deep respects bho....neil

Anonymous said...

sorry and deep respects to mahasiddha kukkuripa ....neil

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us and for your continued spiritual guidance.
Om Namah Shivaya~Jaya Kali Ma!

Shanti Om,

neal said...

They are fucking with things they do not love, and that kind of relationship will not get very real, for those that gift something that seems strange, just for the source.

Maybe that will surface in "waste places", but attention should maybe be paid, I'm just a saying, or maybe staying, not for this stuff, just war.

neal said...

May the road rise with you, such things are not spoken of, maybe those rules are just others. This War is something to behold. I am always sorry for any road, I know it is always mostly my road, and the faults lay where they will my, mY, My. Enough, it is my Mother, probably we are related, but that is not what is required for truth, and still That stuff still tries, I always try to gi ve that what has been given.

Anonymous said...

lord bho,i dont know what you think about collective resonance,how it could be applied,and stuff,,with your vast knowledge on these sorts of matters,,,,
i expect there are all sorts of things that you could say on....

idid mean to leave your name over on origami yesterday,,,,sorry about that

respects neil