Thursday, April 19, 2012

'All One' for the Irony-Challenged
Lord Narasimha is an "avatar" of Vishnu, according to those of the Vaishnav persuasion, who comes to the aid of those in extreme danger. Maybe I should dedicate this image to Ted Numnuts and his ilk, especially for his lovely manly attitudes toward wildlife. [Typical for an icon of life-hating loser morons, he now promotes "intimate 'spiritual campfire' trips at his private (canned) hunting ranch in Texas". "Majestic  Buffalo 'hunting'" is also an option on his Sunrize Acres "biodiversity ranch" in Michigan. Come on, people, is 'death-cult' spirituality an oxymoron in this day and age, really?] Never heard the so-called "music", but can imagine a collaboration with Madonna might be the perfect anti-tantric demonic sonic mind-fuck sound-track for the apocalypse. Ted and his NRA fans like to kill shit (any life form that's an 'other') (its a 'sexual' thing) and are pissed that the liberals have now surpassed the kill-counts of their conservative heroes. We couldn't have wished for a more perfect embodiment and standard-bearer of the self-important low-life wetikos.

Actually I was already thinking about Narasimha before the NRA vomit-hurl and its fallout. There are many fine images of this avatar, but I like the crowd shot since it resonates with the reality of the numbers involved in the current wetiko overtaking of our home planet. I guess there is 'negative resonance' as well as 'positive', heh. Actually 'resonate' is maybe not the best word to define the phenomenon. I was thinking more in terms of macro- and micro-reflections, global and local mirroring correspondences of the Wetiko phenomenon. I've been dealing with and observing this kind of thing locally for last 23 years. A perfect 'resonance', or whatever. Elitist tribal Wetikos in charge of an Eastern cult that promotes "love everyone,  feed everyone", while expressly despising and destroying community and fomenting hostility toward authenticity, respect, and true compassion, and including, naturally, the misogynistic element. The parallels with ruling elites on the world scale are countless, precise, and breathlessly real; it's been a deeply mind-disturbing decades-long experience living in and attempting to change the nature of the neighborhood. And it has been a deeply sad and depressing journey knowing the incredible unlimited possibilities of 'what could be', eg: land, infrastructure, highly skilled and creative community, etc all present. The cult likes to preach "all one"; there's that irony-challenged thing, yes it is 'all one' identical ugly psychopathic situation (and knowledge of psychopathy is nil).

As a musician I can travel around the eastern cult world and have everyone presume my presence means I am an adherent to their 'brand'. This provides ample opportunities to microscopically examine the inner workings, the personalities of 'leaders', as well as hear voluminous laundry airings of the soiled kind. Not that that was ever my intent, but it just worked out that way. Mostly, I wish to hell that I never had to be the carrier of that particular knowing, but there's no 'delete/erase' button. 
The core problems everywhere are twofold: most practitioners have no initiatory one-on-one parampara experience; and the vast majority that set the vibes/make the rules are people who have book-and-exoteric-knowledge only and use it to psychologically beat down anything that smacks of unique authentic revealed initiatory transmission. There's also the five-minute meeting-with-a-master thing which entitles one to start your own cult/religion too.

I wanted to continue the thread of the 'guru experience', but most of the time the deeply personal nature of that extraordinary level of beauty of communion defies description....and I don't know what benefit is second-hand info. Besides, its more about walking the road for the rest of one's days anyway. Because of the parampara transmissions, the musical collaborations with other initiates (with knowledge of the right intent behind the act) invokes the intended level of magic, lineage-channeling, and timeless self-dissolving into the purity of the Nada. This exact thing has occurred on many occasions within the cult environments, despite (or because of?) the disinterest and cluelessness of the PTBs involved. This has been going on for centuries, in both the east and west. Brahmins, priests, and all the rest of the wand-wavers imagine or pretend they are exercising power over the Devic realms, while lining their pockets and doing their predations. That's why they didn't mind the expulsion of traditional musicians, dancers, and story-tellers from the brick and gold edifices. What remains is this thing called 'sankirtana' (kirtan) - the lowest common denominator of sacred music. Nothing wrong with it, of course, especially if you have no exposure to the real shit. Kirtan is the primary scam of western posers, and requires no study, discipline, or creativity... but it holds out the possibility of money, fame and sex, but mostly hasn't panned out much. But it works really well to advance the agenda of keeping people ignorant in the religious realms. Chanting a rough approximation of the mantra with an approximate level of intonation 1008 times is all you need for moksha. And, of course personal liberation is always the prime motivation.

Anyway, discussing spirituality with people whose cosmology isn't based on a foundation of Tantric or Taoist perception, or plant-medicine original instructions, is a waste of time. Anything else is mind-control and/or crowd-control as well as a business model for the lazy and unimaginative. Absence of a comprehension of interconnectedness with all life immediately exposes the fraudulent nature of all of what's thought of as 'religion' and which now holds sway over most of the 7 billion of our species. 
Personally, I've recently had to make a final clear break from my peripheral involvement in the 'spiritual community' which originally brought me to this area 23 years ago. Everybody loses, but to continue would end up just taking me out sooner than later. I have no hope in the younger people either, who continually arrive year after year but remain unable to see through the smoke and mirrors of party-line platitudes into the true historic squalid cultish psychopathy of those making the decisions and holding the purse-strings behind the scenes. This is what also fuels my doubt about the success of the Occupy movements. Locally nothing has as yet scratched the surface of our county or state mafiocracy, and the 'traditions' remain well entrenched. 

Despite extensive publicity only 15 locals showed up for an excellent free presentation on "The Trouble With Trapping". That's even with several high-profile recent stories of pets and people being injured on close-by public lands. 23,000 bobcat pelts were exported to China and Russia from New Mexico over the last decade. Enormous effects on the ecosystems, but who knows and who cares? With prices ranging from 200-600 bucks, and in tough economic times...
The situation is mirrored on all levels, in perfect clarity. And coming up with a plan sourced from the intellectual mind is not a possibility. 
Nina says it all much better than I could ever hope to:
..."the time nears we must get it together with our bredren in spite of their perspectives.  There is no enemy.  There are only destructive, degrading forces unaware of Universal consequence, forces which must adapt into awareness of the higher principles required for a peaceful transition as we join the Milky Way.  I see this as the only possibility for infinite growth - out there.  The infinite growth so treasured by little man treasuries willingly ensnared under the law of gravity, can only come about by living every moment with right intention, a state actually available to all by simply putting the matter of planetary continuation in the forefront of your every thought and action."  
Wish we could ask Shayne, 51, of Brentwood Sanctuary, Essex, UK what his take is. The oldest horse on the planet, pure beauty sharing our space here on our way to One Destiny.      


Steve said...

I share your concerns Bho,

It is a pity what happened to the Hares, so much potential so little balls.

I have been musing this how do we actually come together thing, when the majority of people are, well, not ready I guess is the kindest way to put it. Or are they and they just don't know it? I remember reading a Scott Peck book years ago, cant remember which one? One of his points in becoming a better person, was, "not to underestimate the potential in others". I'm paraphrasing here but the point I'm trying to make is there may be a tipping point, a mass "ohhh now i get it day". After all, it's all very simple. Profound, subtle powerful and Loving, but simple. And once enough people get it, the scales will tip and we will be striped from the Wetico virus, lay down our "things", and just Be.

I may be dreaming hear?

Am I destined to die surrounded by stupid, or will I get to see a Golden Age begin?

nina said...

You walked away from your
"spiritual community"? A great move because when you really look around, there doesn't seem to be one. There is only the individual experiencing and reacting entirely on his own with his own history and plan for survival. It is true growth to shed the adornments of group belief. The only boundary is the extent of one's heart.

Beautiful, sincere essay. You write like a drummer, pounding points, easing off on the upside, allowing the fundamentals their due.

(Not to get into any group belief here, but that Teddy jive-ass makes my skin crawl, most of the time we forget his existence except when re-election fever goes around.)

amarynth said...

Someone on the forum recently said, and I paraphrase 'Currently now, we have no pure guides, we have no pure teachers, we have nobody that we can learn from.'

What we have, is the opportunity to work on our own purity, our own teaching, our own learning. We get only bits of experiences where we can give, and bits of experiences where we can receive.

Bholonath gave me such an experience and passed along two pieces of learning - small bitty things for him - vast learning for me.

So Bho, if you want to pull together and visit a while to knock heads together, we're still here (grins).

A 'jive-ass'! Excellent, thanks Nina! It fits perfectly for now.

Cap'n Spadgett - yet, we still dream.

bholanath said...

Heh, well, Nina, we never shared the 'group belief', only being ever hopeful about an expanding 'community/sangha', growing out of the handful of advanced souls. But the growth has been glacial, perhaps by one every couple years (out of hundreds of arrivals who further complicate the situation). In all these types of venues I stay at the back of the room keeping a groove going as best I can, staying less visible, and cracking jokes sometimes grokked.
Hope you didn't mind my reprinting your eloquent words.

bholanath said...

Hi Amarynth -
I would have to disagree with the forum commenter, though I know that is a common refrain. I continue to this day to learn from several wise individuals on various levels. They mostly don't self-identify as 'teachers', but they instantly steer me to the deep pure focus I have drifted away from, and I benefit greatly from and treasure their company whenever possible. Sometimes I wonder if I would be able to be 'here' without them. They seem to 'live' where I can only visit, but they prove to me there's no 'difference', and mi casa es su casa. By divine grace we are always in contact anyway it seems. They work very hard at staying unknown.

Dublinmick said...

I ran into something I thought was really interesting and put it in my last post. How long have we heard the various experts try and figure out where Native Americans came from? All they had to do was look across the Bering Strait. There are about 1500 Russian Indians left.

You know Rasputin, Russia's greatest seer came from a Shaman background from Russia's far east.

You know I seen exactly what you are talking about with some of these spiritual outfits. Most everyone has their own agenda. Group Satsang does help though as it tends to grind down the egos into nothingness.

Anonymous said...

I think I've spotted Ted and trapper Dave in that photo of Lord Narasimha exercising His prerogative. Parts of them anyhow..

A side effect in bolstering Prahlada Maharaja's faith!

Practice makes perfect, no matter what angle we approach perfection from, and although I'm pretty sure the chances of my arriving there are statistically nil, I still spend most of my time attempting to accomplish one single syllable..

Anonymous said...

Oh, the above was via Homer.

bholanath said...

Señor via Homer -

I'm pretty sure intent counts for, oh...maybe around 99%, heh.

I have no chance, nor expectation, to "arrive" (at perfection) this round either.

On many of the blogs I skip over the majority of comments, but I always dig yours, always great insight, quotes, and info. You stand out as a true humble bhakta.


Anonymous said...


your site, a beautiful reflection of yourself, is so powerfully full of life that it hurts real good.

Victor Hugo said it well..

"Joy's smile is much closer to tears than laughter."

Best of health and all success to you!