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Animals' Status in the East?

Angry Ganesh - PhaniAstronomy/Flikr
A good friend recently sent me a link to this 'unimaginable horror' story [helicopter-borne poachers wipe out herd of 22 elephants with automatic weapons] and asked me the following question:
" Why is it that those in the East, with presumably more 'authentic' and 'deeper' spiritual practice, do not understand the place of animals?"
(-the reason being that the 'products' destination and funding is in Asia.)

Since I've pondered this very same for many years in the abstract, I will attempt to put my thoughts into form in the following way:
Dear Friend, 
I just listened to John Lash on 'Handling the Psychopaths'. There's a lot in there, very nuanced, and insightful, and totally relevant to the question. (I also see now that there is a Part 2 of the above-linked conversation - very important.)
Anyway,...I guess the short answer is that this is the Kali Yuga.
I'm not a 'scholar' of social psychology, but I've observed first-hand some Eastern cultures and their attitudes toward animal life and various forms of 'other'.
So, why was it always we 'foreigners', with some notable local exceptions, who were rescuing injured street dogs in India, (I do know about New Delhi's 'dog lady')? The 'East', and India in particular, has been rushing headlong into the Western materialistic mindset for at least the last 50 years. They also, with the help of British and European colonialism, morphed into a twisted, enhanced version of their own hierarchical caste systems, royalty, feudalism and such, which becomes a gradation of which types of beings are 'more/less important'. The rush to materialism also creates social pressures that don't allow anyone any time to consider the crimes against nature and the environment while pursuing the requirements of the rat race.

I have extensively used and have great respect for Chinese medicine, but I understand that since Maosist times, all traditions have been corrupted. There are many 'doctors' in the east who are bribed by the animal product mafias to recommend to the public taking of endangered species' products for sexual and other ailments. There is a huge market for dog meat in Asia for specifically sexual/energy 'ailments'. Dolphin, tiger, and rhino penises also. Bear bile harvesting is also a horrible atrocity. These are all bullshit scams. But also in all these places there are fiercely committed activists within the populations working to defeat these psychopaths, and they know full well that it is an all-out war, and 'all options are on the table'. In Kenya the rangers are also blowing away poachers every week. Now this helicopter assault has really upped the ante, and clearly shows the power and resources of the mafias, most likely aided and abetted by the Chinese mafias who have moved into Africa for plundering any and all resources. We should remember that there are a lot of billionaires - psychopathic inter- and intra-species predators - now in both China and India, and they have entered the fray of extinguishing all life on earth, because they get off on the idea.
Most of the Asian general populations, however, are not aware of what's happening, neither abroad nor at home. And, importantly, most of this shit goes to the upper classes. Most Japanese don't know about the dolphin slaughters, but then they are also ignorant to the fact that dolphins and whales aren't fish. They spend all their time slaving away or playing with their gadgets and being 'entertained', and theirs is a culture of 'go along to get along'/ 'don't make waves'/ 'keep quiet'.

ALL the religions are shit, as far as spreading any true wisdom regarding the natural world or common respect in any way to their followers in these times. Witness the fucking supposed life-revering buddhists [Hinayana] in Sri Lanka raping and slaughtering the Tamil Hindus. We live in times of near total universal madness. All countries, east and west, have genocided their own aboriginal cultures, the wisdom traditions, the shamans and medicine people. In the process they have erased the memory of the populations of their true interconnectedness with the animal nations, the understanding of which existed probably for millions of years. This has been a major agenda goal for centuries by the elite ones infected with the wetiko plague. Lash says that the psychopathic element is built-in in the human consciousness (a Gaia-correction issue?), but that the Archons exploited the tendency, enhanced it in their 'royalty' project, and 'worked' it so that the plague would spread out in the populace over centuries to the point where the vast majority of sickos would be 'normal'. Lash doesn't ascribe the problem as coming from an off-planet super-entity such as 'Satan' and his ongoing manipulations, it being a simplistic construct invented for the dumbed-down. I feel the same way, though everybody likes to use the term, even in the supposed 'awakened' spiritual 'communities', but to me its just giving a name to the 'bogey-man'. He also described the psychopaths as LIFE-PHOBIC. For some reason (a DNA glitch that got passed on?) they are scared shitless of all things natural and wild in this planetary dimension, as well as spontaneity, creativity, imagination, and change.

Hell, in India today even the cows are suffering, due to car 'accidents', the mafia cow-slaughter industry, and all the toxic plastic and other crap they end up eating, as well as general neglect. How do you explain that? There, there is a Hindu element that lobbies and does activism against cow abuse, and has succeeded in banning vivisection in India and stopped monkey-export, but they believe in a hierarchy of animal life and also don't give a shit about wildlife for the most part. If you see the overwhelming fear of most of the population towards anything 'jungle-y', the forest, the wild untamed nature, you would see the source of the problem. Everything 'jungle-y' is 'of the bad past', and they imagine they are entering into the 'modern' age where all that closeness-to-the-land stuff is irrelevant now. They've been indoctrinated into self-shaming about their 'primitive' past. I imagine it is not that different in China and SE Asia.
India is a mafiocracy, meaning EVERY aspect of society and commerce is structured according to mafia social engineering designs. It could also be called a 'pathocracy' (death-culture run by psychos). I would assume other Asian societies are all now pathocracies too, it being Kali Yug. Its weirder than shit that the Hindu gods/goddesses all have animal familiars, and the Toaist tradition lives on with its 12-cycle animal zodiac, yet these things have become nothing but meaningless ornaments, like cross-necklaces signifying one's cult-identification. 

The elites all over the world think nothing of enslaving and torturing women and children, and sentient animals even less, so entire populations are ponerized via collective traumatization by the in-your-face pervasiveness of these industries' influence on society as well as the abuse-porn evidence ubiquitously exposed for all to see with one click. So the elites carry on with their thoughtless destruction of the entire natural world because 'they can' and they've gotten away with it, and the ponerized lower classes imitate the same behavior, preying upon all things 'lower' (at minimum, at least they can feel superior to something, and its also becoming the only kind of 'job' available). As Lash said, all animals have their own specific 'prey', but only humans prey on ALL other species and life-forms. Omnipredators? Additionally, many of the elites seem, either consciously or unconsciously, to be into 'transhumanism' - trying to live forever and/or become less human and more cyborg, or just 'more than human'. Death itself, of course, is one of the major phobias of the afflicted.

Warrioress -
 There are so many levels to this problem, its almost impossible, or would take days or a book-length essay, to cover all of the dimensions. It really must be just fucking exquisite to 'know' that's its all just going to work out according to some newage scenario of almighty god's cavalry just now coming over the hill as we speak, and/or 'he' ('our f-father-god') has long ago worked out the plan, in 'his' infinite wisdom, for us to serve time in a psycho hell-hole and then ascend to the happy synthesizer-hearts-of-space-music 27th dimension of peace, smiley sunshine, and skies filled with prosperity ships, where we shit marshmallows and wipe our asses with cotton candy instead of forests. There's a chance that good things are coming soon, a chance, but I just don't know for certain about such matters, though one must surely remain open to the positive possibilities. Words are words are words, coming from any authoritative voice, maybe even including the Devic realm, and I haven't been convinced by any authority regarding where this 3D is going to end up, with or without us. Hell, I don't even know if I'll be around for 12/21/2012. For sure the daily collective 'energy shifts' are massive, as you may have noticed, heh. That death isn't 'the end', is something of which I am convinced, though. 
So, "rise up rise up, take your stand again" and again and Bob continues to sing.

I feel like ending this with some Gaian Eco-Sorcery vibration, maybe some warrioress energy, like what Sistah O'Connor displays here in this awesomely lovely traditional song....

In the liner notes to her album Sean Nos Nua, she writes of the song:
"This song, for me, celebrates the return of any woman to her power, having lost it to invading forces. It is an honoring of the female warrior spirit and of the right of women to be true to themselves despite what the world dictates they 'should' be. A song celebrating the preciousness of female ferocity, strength, and fire...This is represented by the coming of summer in the song...In actuality it is a war song in honor of Grainne Mhaol, a warrior noblewoman of Ireland who lived at the time of Elizabeth I, and whose ships were a formidable force on the Irish west coast." 
I love too the sublimely powerful and graceful traditional dancing accompanying this live piece (2007?)


More? Others recently found:
Another powerful heart-rending original piece from the past, "This is a Rebel Song", questioning the invaders.
And some new ferocity live in Los Angeles 2 months ago, totally rock and roll. Sorry, I guess I'm a 'fan'.  


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

It's enough to make a grown man cry.

And I do cry for our little brothers and sisters who are so very dear yet so very very afraid; of us..

neal said...

It was said, "Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me."

It was said, "you were made just a little bit lower than the angels."

Can you not see?

Everything is given freely, to preserve the younger races for certain destinies. Even the predation is to keep certain ones awake.

We can kill you, but we choose not to, that is not fear, that is allowing the young ones time, and times, to find fhe real world, and help out with this mess.

Some have been taken with certain tasks, only the original relationship, not watered down by young human perceptions. We cry for you, and do not have much time to wait for your fear of the real thing to fade.

It only looks like we are hiding, maybe just busy with other tasks.

amarynth said...

A little more on this:

The extinguishing of “primitive” societies, those that were defined by animism and mysticism, those that celebrated ambiguity and mystery, those that respected the centrality of the human imagination, removed the only ideological counterweight to a self-devouring capitalist ideology. Those who held on to pre-modern beliefs, such as Native Americans, who structured themselves around a communal life and self-sacrifice rather than hoarding and wage exploitation, could not be accommodated within the ethic of capitalist exploitation, the cult of the self and the lust for imperial expansion. The prosaic was pitted against the allegorical. And as we race toward the collapse of the planet’s ecosystem we must restore this older vision of life if we are to survive.