Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Loss, the Beauty Remains

These full moons - do they seem to come around before you're expecting? Are you having too much fun? I welcome the fullness, since I can't get enough of the 'revealing'. Yes, madness comes with the territory, and it's maybe even the major necessary element of revelation, in this age anyway. Mad dogs and psychopathic self-important morons in the noon day sun, on the world stage and in a neighborhood near you. And on every channel 24/7 for the foreseeable future.  Cartoons for the terminally deluded streaming from the UN.

It's all mitigated on an astonishing level too, by the beauty and sanity of Gaia's natural animal body and the empathic, loving unity within today's surviving sober tribes. At 7000 ft. we're getting the brilliant golden splashes of aspens, etc everywhere. At farmers markets and harvest celebrations the mood is commitment to keep on keepin on in anticipation of an even more brutal winter. We refuse to succumb to the programmed, engineered despair designed to capture our whole awareness. 

In my world, we are also being tasked with the celebration and memorial for the life of our great bhakta singer and drummer bro who last week took an early leave (6 years younger than me). It has shocked our drumming world around the planet. He and I have been guru-bhais on two levels, at least (Ud. Zakir Hussain), and collaborated many times, mutually inspiring the other to the max. I drummed for his daughter in dance classes and performances in the 90s, and worked for his wife's company for a few years since 2001. Those kinds of leavings tend to have various magical consequences following, and they are still going on. Not easy, but undeniably real. I guess it's a tribal thing, based on love of beauty and surrender. 

There's been some strange energies coming at me at various points recently, and especially strange since these have occurred while I have been in deep practice. Once, playing for many people last week at a retreat on the mountain with Sufi and Hindu singers, a large woman came on stage and was reaching for one of my drums in the middle of a piece. I said firmly "No!", and she launched into a tirade about how I didn't have any "love", or how "unloving", or something or other...hmmm. A few days later, while in the midst of a deep session in the temple, after our brother's passing, we were rocking it with the posse and a great Indian woman drummer from our sister-temple in India. Another psycho-queen grabbed an unused drum and started totally fucking the vibe up at a loud volume. I politely asked her to please lay out, and she also went ballistic and chaos ensued in the room. Later I had dirt thrown at me and more angry words outside. This will be dealt with, since we're in a lead-up to a big annual feast as well as the memorial, and I have been designated 'dictator' of the music and instruments by the staff and board (heh - they're finally waking up!), and there are 'security' personnel. I'm just not sure why I'm attracting this kind of shit. It comes with the territory as a performer, and it's happened occasionally over the years, so it's not new, but...why now? Full moon? A new level of dementedness reached in the Kali yug? My own Saturn square aspect? 
Maybe it's just a further revealing of the appalling ignorance of 'merkins toward anything to do with traditions and respect. Fuck if I know.

I thought I might write today about more of the political and religious weirdness happening around this season, but I guess I'm just not in the mood. John Lash has some interesting things to say lately (if you can take his weirdnesses), which includes what he calls "the great bulwark of the archontic religious lie: master race theory". Geez, I just have no use for 'religion' as it is understood and practiced by most people. And I'm just so tired of being sick and tired of talking about it. Heh, there's even a movie coming out based on the book Caesar's Messiah (trailer on YouTube). That should stir the pot some. Bring it on!

I'm praying for the Montana wolves, on whom open-season may start in 3 days, if lawsuits fail. Take a look at THIS ARTICLE on a couple who lived in a tent for 6 YEARS with the wolf tribe. Extraordinary photos and story. 

I did want to mention that I read something really wacked on a site (NIO) which I had previously included in my blog list. I wrote a note to Dr. Steve Best, the animal-lib author, lecturer and activist, and he told me he now considers NIO organization as completely insane, and has severed all ties. I agree with that assessment, and have removed my link. It is sad that all collectivities of humans, including those working for sentient-being liberation, somehow manage to mostly get infiltrated and taken over by the unhinged.

This is a little video project I put up yesterday. It is somewhat different from my usual, but have a look. As always, the sound quality is better with headphones or good speaker system. 
Das Avatar  



amarynth said...

I'm glad to see you 'on air' again. Das Avatar is wonderful and we're planning a weekend 'listen' to listen again.

Seems as if the Whaling Fleet is not going out this year.

Too many things in our world are now getting 'too old' and need complete suspension.


nina said...

It seems that you are witness to some of the behaviors resident in the new breed, that breed nourished with pesticides living, spreading inside formaldehyde construction. The laws protect them, but they don't protect us from being subject to their bursts of trauma. I liken your "appropriated" drum scenes to how it would feel if someone came along and picked up my brushes and paints. It is as if they want to be YOU and are overly offended when you are very naturally protecting your vessel, and most reverent personal vessel it is, the medium through which God delivers his love.

It is more than crass, it is a total void of understanding. there is nothing but anger in that void.

Beautiful post. I could read your words forever. The hand-paw photo absolutely cuts to the core.


bholanath said...

Amarynth -
Check out this new post at Sea Shepherd org - the Japanese are still setting themselves up for humiliation.

Nina -
Glad you get is exactly like someone picking up your brushes, and even making a big muddy swatch across your painting, then telling you they have just as much a right to paint as you do! That's the level I'm dealing with. I will see how it plays out, since we're starting a 24-hour marathon session today. I'm not worried, but interested to see how the collective perceives and deals with this new level of determined obstruction. It feels like 'possession' in my experience. Yes, a void filled with anger - sounds like wetiko.

amarynth said...

We find girl children, picking up another one's drum and wanting to beat on it and acting like girl children if they are reminded that it is not their drum.

This is a deeper thing ...

There is the view that it is a time of Return of Goddess. And there is a view amongst some women that Goddess is revealed exclusively, or reveals itself exclusively in feminine form. You can see the problem arising already. Goddess is women, I am woman. People do not have the deep understanding of what Goddess means.

I find many women not able to understand or develop with the Goddess. I find many women wanting to appropriate the works of Goddess, because they identify with the feminine form - and Goddess is feminine in their thinking. There is little understanding and even less willingness to sit down and do the hard work. Keep taking your drum back! Forgive them, they know not what they do. This will change.

amarynth said...

Just to clarify, I am not at all in disagreement with what you said Nina.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

There are glimmers of hope to be found and used as support for our animal neighbors.

"New Book to Prove that Animals have Soul"

I very much enjoy your rendering of Das Avatara, bholanath prabhu.

The transcendental depictions of Lord Varaha are especially satisfying. It's thrilling to be reminded of Lord Varaha's eternal devotion to His dear wife, Bhumidevi, who flawlessly supports billions and billions of children.