Thursday, October 17, 2013

Buffalo communique

This is a reprint of a recent article from the current issue of Green Fire Times (, a monthly resource newspaper distributed in the north central New Mexico area.
Because it is a small distribution publication, I thought the following should be shared with a wider readership:

In June, 2013, Jose Lucero of Santa Clara Pueblo, and Robert Staffanson, 92, visited the Buffalo Nation on Ted Turner's 'Flying D' Bison Ranch in Montana. 

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nina said...

You are exactly right this should have received a far wider audience. I had no idea! Many people have heard Mr. Turner bought a lot of land, but how many know what wonders he's done with it? Is it that only bad news is national news?
Thank you for going to the trouble to put this up, that it is so beautiful is an understatement. And its happening now, more joy.