Saturday, November 9, 2013

That's what I'm talkin' about

"Fourteen-year old Nirmala Toppo has become something of a minor celebrity in the eastern Indian state of Orissa.
In June, panic gripped the industrial city of Rourkela one night when a herd of wild elephants entered residential areas from dense forests nearby.
Nirmala, forest department officials say, acted as a real-life "pied-piper" when she managed to drive the herd back to the forest, much to the relief of the residents."
"First I pray and then talk to the herd. They understand what I say. I tell them this is not your home. You should return where you belong," says Nirmala who is a Roman Catholic."

So, how many more examples do we need to keep bringing up to make the 'connection' in the human consciousness about where we need to go, and be?

You'll notice that one brainwashed, intellectual wetiko-enabler (obviously proud of the fact, or hopeful, that he won't be identified with the "backward castes") weighed in by saying, "there is no scientific evidence that wild elephants can understand what a human says. Mr Pradhan says the girl claims to talk to the herd in her own tribal language, but there is no basis for the elephants to follow what she says".
Maybe Indians, as well as the rest of the human race, should look closely at this term "backward" and all the implications thereof. This sickening mindset has continued for too many thousands of generations. Can't we just blow it off, for good, like now?

May every living being enjoy this pristine universe. 


nina said...

Oh, but they say dogs can have an understanding of the vocabulary up to that of a four year old human.

Dogs can, but wildlife can't?

I'm getting the idea that those meatheads who say its impossible to communicate across species have never loved at all and were likely not loved - ever - by anyone, not even their dog.

As far as I can tell, it seems that the only difference between humans and all other species is our envelopes. And certainly in Nature, there are some far better envelopes than ours.

We are the aberration. It must be a constant disappointment for other species that trust of humans is more often than not, hard to come by.

bholanath said...

Thank you. You have again superbly expressed my exact thoughts on these matters.

We just watched Blackfish tonight for the second time, and realized a deeper and broader level implied in the story. So many are under the Wetiko spell that no one has the courage to speak up, in an infinite number of collective situations we all experience every day. Good people fall back on compartmentalizing what they know is absolutely wrong...that old Emperor's New Clothes syndrome. "Well, 'they' (experts/authorities) must know more than us." "And, we probably have to accept a certain level of collateral damage/compromise."