Thursday, July 10, 2014

No catchy title

I don't know if you noticed, but they've pretty much succeeded in getting us used to these ubiquitous headlines:
Mostly Children, Women and the Elderly
US-backed Regime Threatens Bloodbath
It's how they roll. I forget, is it 80% or 85% "civilians"? In 2 centuries of wars, it's somewhere in that range. I can't come up with any clever wordsmithing today, humorous ironic spin, or release-valve entertainment. There's only the images out there of children, women, and the elderly blown up into a million pieces of bloody meat, body parts strewn around for yards on a cell-phone capture, or today's Palestinian toddler with his legs blow off.
Syria/Iraq, lately Ukraine, and now Gaza - cast lead/pillar of fire 2.0 will be in your face momentarily.
 Here's quintessential psychopathic/wetiko/archontic language:
Netanyahu's remarks, if you can stomach 3 min. 3 seconds.

Want to know the numbers....of bottle-rocket deaths? 
Total fatalities in the history of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza into Israel: 26
That's right....twenty-six.

Really, do we have to listen to/read any more group-supremacy mind-fuckery? Lately there's a trend of rehab-ing "brilliant german aryan scientific geniuses", and aryan euro "mystics". Nazis...Jews...take your pick. Where did it all begin? Where will it end?

So, with the situation of plutocratic insanity ruling the western world and most of the rest of the planet, the ~80% ponerization of the 7 billion, manifest destinies, samson options, the 6th extinction, and the near total drowning out of the grown-up voices in the house, I would offer a modest proposal, a 'short' list of "ENEMIES", and "SOURCES OF THE PROBLEMS" which may, just maybe, not be the most crucial targets and focuses of attention to be spending time discussing or even listening to those voices calling out these subjects for either egoistic or emotional social engineering purposes.
In no particular order:


immigration and 'illegals'
political correctness
gay marriage/agenda
abortion, birth control
environmentalists, regulations
animal rights/PETA terrorists
Chavez, Castro
Islamist suicide bombers
the war on christianity
white genocide, race mixing
black president
voter fraud
AIM, indigenous activists
wealth re-distributionists
climate-change hoaxers
marijuana legalizers
free-loaders, welfareists
hunt saboteurs 
liberals, socialists
foreign aid
bottle rockets
ungrateful, ignorant Africans
insecure borders
conspiracy theorists
whistle-blowers, hacktivists

Please feel free to add your own favorite divide-and-rule buzz-words.
Peace, out.

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nina said...

911 enthusiasts
animal rights activists

There are lots more and more created every day. To vocalize is to receive a label.