Thursday, May 27, 2010

The War On Terra & The Viral Galactic Jihad - UPDATED

Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late - some dude wrote that in the 60s.

This is a holy war. This is a jihad. Though we've been in it all our lives, it has taken on a more vicious, all-out, unveiled, in-your-face, boot-on-your-face-forever, total-annihilation, goodness-will-never-exist-again-in-the-universe...explosion of madness, rage, and denial.

We've been feeling for a long time that the outcome is sure, that eventually good will overcome evil, and we've even known about the war's cosmic dimensions. We've all known what time it is most of our lives. Most of our fellow humans have repressed long ago what every souled being knows in their heart - we're here for Satyam Shivam Sundaram; Truth, Consciousness, and Beauty.
But there's Untruth, Sleep-trance, and Horror. How fucked-up is that? That positivity-police/prosperity-ship/create-your-own-reality crap didn't work out too well, how could it? It was coming from the shallows. Don't get caught Dreaming the Dark, boy, you won't get no satisfaction from the nubile new-age yoginis.

As various 'opportunities' have presented themselves, I've had to enter into some pretty dark corners of this earthly experience. Others have found equally horrific arenas, and some much worse. But there was never any doubt that I would have to confront the fears and look straight into what was being, or needing to be, revealed. Besides confronting all the awful truths of the political and cultural destruction going on, many of us were required to witness and emotionally feel the horrendous costs to the natural world and our fellow creatures of Earth.

As a Land Surveyor for many years (until I finally cracked), I was always the last person to see pristine forests and coastlines before the asshole developer's manly men and their equipment moved in. As a wildlife rehab assistant, and later an animal-shelter manager, I was strongly affected by the terrible suffering as well as the stunning wondrous beauty in every one of the beings. I couldn't have experienced one without the other, and that first day on the job was....well, hell on earth, but something made me decide that I had a place there and a service to accomplish. On purely practical terms, I cut the euthanasia rate by 50% in 3 years. I sang to, and communed and prayed with those in my charge every day all day, while I busted my ass making it as proper as possible. Figure I held 2000 of my friends in my arms as they trustingly licked my face and passed over.

To get to the root of my torment, I had to spend years researching the details of genocides and torture and mad-'science', the 1000-year war on healing-knowledge, the many effects of the 'cartesian' degeneracy, the cancer of western 'religion's' hate for all things natural, the industrialization of animal production and crops, and many related areas. I worked with what was then a 'radical' animal-rights community in the 80s, on orders given to me by Shri Hanuman after being made aware of the growing Indian monkey exporting industry.

Part of the research involved viewing many many hours of covertly-shot footage from various ALF groups, of animal ag, research, military, 'fashion', you name it - all gut-wrenching shit. No computers then, and PETA was just gettin' goin'. It had/has always been the hidden underpinning of western 'civilization' - the arena of sadism and sadism-denial-by-proxy. One can't be bought in to the 'benefits' of the perverted Life-hating death-culture of 'consuming' and craving-the-impermanent without shutting down the curiosity of actually knowing what you are 'consuming' - it's real true nature and condition. A blindness and an uncuriosity must be maintained. And the sadists have their walls of secrecy and propaganda of paramoralisms. Throughout history society seems to have always provided a niche for them. Twisted affirmative action to maintain their secure employment. As the perversion leaked out into the collective, we became a society that consumes, and teaches our young to consume, unmitigated horror in the food we eat and the media we watch.

Well, that's all not working out, and not an option any more. The crystal-methodists' Gulf War On The Ocean - Day 37, all remaining indigenous peoples on Earth under siege, mega-dams in China, Monsanto, Chemtrails, 'god-men' perverts, Gaza relief ships facing immanent attack, nukes here nukes there.... And at the same moment another obscure attack on beloved gentle creatures becomes a viral scandal on the internet. Those goddamned animal terrorists done got a bunch of sadistic/psychopathic 'dairy workers' on film doing what many activists and normal humans are saying is the worst shit they've ever seen. Let me tell you, there's a hell of a lot out there that's pretty bad shit. But it kicked my ass, and about 128,000 others in 2 days. Yesterday afternoon had 12,000, this morning 80,000. [3rd day @ 160,000] Hell, it's not even on Rense yet. I don't know how many 100's of comments there are, but most all of them express a combination of extreme shock and murderous rage for retribution. Many are 'volunteering' to carry out extremely creative drawn-out 'justice' on the perps, since it involves only misdemeanor charges.

So this is the time of full exposure / full disclosure. It raises deep questions, critical questions. What does true responsibility mean and entail as we ID more and more of the incurable psychopaths among us, fucking up every aspect of life on the planet. Maybe it's enough to just fully bear witness, but keep our distance. This 3D appearance level of reality is way out of control. Anyone's control. A greater level of awareness is required to see where the real control lies...and to make our choices from a 'choiceless' place. Exposure is what cracks these pieces of shit. They will be without protection. We won't know the 'answer' until we get to whatever that place is, in that moment. There'll be no choice. WE have to deal. And....and, we'll receive our orders and surely get Divine help. But we are definitely seeing an awakening, growing rage exploding out of the deep heart-well of committed peaceful humanists and plain normal people of conscience.

We have wished it could have been otherwise, but:
It seems destruction....the only solution.

I highly DISCOURAGE EVERYONE from watching this. I guarantee you will be sickened in the first 3 SECONDS. Even that much will affect you deeply, and the rest will trigger your deepest murderous rage and emotional disturbance. It's psycho hillbilly rednecks taking their fucked up shit out on cows. Many people said they couldn't watch the whole 4 minutes, but the police were given many hours of video by the group Mercy For Animals. The farm has received massive number of threats, one individual is being held on $100,000 bail. My hope would be: all animals to sanctuaries, and torch the whole place as an example (controlled burn, of course!)....for starters.
Again: NOT RECOMMENDED for viewing. I will link it HERE, for the record.

Petition Site, more info

VIDEO HITS: 254,000+ (5/30/10)
303,000+ (6/1/10)
390,000+ (6/5/10)
430,000+ (6/15/10)


Anonymous said...

You go boy! Awesome

Anonymous said...

Krishna explains that the knowledge he imparts is ancient, just as he told it millions of years ago. Arjuna asks, “How can I accept this? It appears that you were born in this world only recently.” Krishna explains, birth too is an illusion, as men are born countless times. But in Krishna’s case, he comes into every age: “Whenever righteousness (dharma) becomes lax, O Arjuna, and injustice (adharma) arises, then I send myself forth to protect the good and bring evildoers to destruction. For the secure establishment of dharma, I come into being age after age. ... I was born to destroy the destroyers.”

The events of the Mahabharata occur at the end of the third age, showing evidence of dharma's decline. Yudhishthira has a vision of the age to come: "I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world; where puny, fearful, hard men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity; ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.

Burnie said...

I cannot watch. I watched ten minutes of the movie Earthling, could stand no more. I am guilty, I am an excavator, for honesty's sake, I have kids and the only way I knew to make money was that. I am good at it. If I say it always seemed crazy what we were doing, I am not absolved. But I feel as you.

I am not one of the monsters, this I know, as for purpose, I get confused by my anger when it consumes me, as it is doing as I write. The older I get the less I know. What I was so sure of has fallen away like leaves. Finding my way is guided by my reading, and knowing that people like you see what I see and the inner voice I can sometimes hear amid the useless noise.
Sorry to ramble...I love all animals and people like you, and Nina, Les, inform me of the fact of brotherhood even if we live thousands of miles away from each other. Thanks

Anonymous said...

It is a rigged game, the physicians are forced to give you poison, the druggist mixes it up for the unsuspecting, the manager of the supermarket sells you GMO and aspartame, a true psychologist would never be allowed to tell you that the study of the brain involves the neuron and long tedious lab work, not supercilious Freud theories on the id and the super ego.

Nobody among us can cast the first stone.