Saturday, June 4, 2011

Killing Innocence - The Wetiko Obsession

Shiva Family by Kailash Raj, from
The thoroughly sickening situation regarding kids in our Wetiko-infested world has been brought up in dramatic fashion in recent days, both in S&MSM and in the blogosphere, with articles describing the prison-model school environments and the almost uncountable abuse scandals involving those self-imagined "elites" of the corporate and political spheres, and their massive support-systems of minions. I hesitate to use the word 'abuse', because it comes nowhere close to the actuality of what is and has been for decades and even centuries taking place in the rarified worlds of 'our lords and masters'. We also don't really know where to draw the line that separates the 'minions' and the majority of the human race as it exists today in all of the so-called 'civilized' countries, including amerika, europe, and many places in the middle-east. Almost everyone has a bloody hand in this despicable business, just by participating in the great lies of human 'culture', political, social, financial, and religious. What the 'elites' do filters right on down to our very neighborhoods and cities, and touches all our lives, and is an intricate part of everything that goes on culturally all around us all day every day.

There truly is a War On Kids taking place. It is a subset of the universal War On Life, which prominently features an ongoing War On The Feminine, from girl-child to Mother Earth and everything between. It's also astonishing how many elite, or elite-wanna-be, female-gendered human imposters participate in this abomination. The bitch whore Clinton, like her bitch whore predecessor, continues to express how "unfortunate" and "regrettable" child- and women-deaths in Afghanistan are. Maybe the 'liberals' express it more often, while the 'conservatives' merely growl and mumble something about 'law of the jungle' and 'freedom isn't free', but it's all meaningless posing for their fellow demons and the fellating media gentlemen and ladies of the dark. And everyone who watches, listens, believes, and takes seriously the monstrous cover-illusion being propagated is equally responsible and damned. All mouthpieces who espouse these overwhelming current trends of disenfranchising women and children already on the edge of survival, in the media, the legislatures, and corporate offices need to have their identities recorded and ultimately taken out back and.....well, whatever seems appropriate. Timing is of the essence.
There is a new film on the festival circuit entitled "THE WAR ON KIDS". A trailer and more info is up on the website. Haven't seen it yet, but reckon it's sufficiently horrific.

How in freakin hell, I'm just asking, can something like what we're living in - this race toward total omnicide on all fronts, especially targeting women and children - possibly be believed to be simply arising out of a mutational freak of 'human nature', when we certainly know within ourselves that nothing of the kind of psychosis exhibited existed in our Divine Self at the time of our birth, nor did it apparently exist at any significant level in societies 5000 years previous. Something deeply 'other' has infected and effectively destroyed the 'humanity' - the interconnected human being - of most of the species. The Gnostic and the Vedic and the Indigenous traditions all can lead us to personally and collectively discovering the origins of the world-destroying plague - termed 'demigods' by some, Wetikos by others, but as to a remedy we seem to be left with only self-discovery by whatever means we can muster to re-connect with higher levels of Spirit, including ancestral, Devic, angelic, avataric allies, animal familiars, and such; and if we are graced with karmic fortune, a connection to a living realized being(s) present today in our midst. Basically, all this just leads to a deeper awareness of our own mortality, and the impermanence of all things, as well as the placement of the unborn/undying Self at the center of creation. But we have some inborn sense that Life in this dimension is meant to continue, that youth and innocence are to be treasured and protected, and we carry a debt to those who, in the time of our own innocence, nurtured and bestowed upon us the gifts of overstanding and necessary skills to pass on faithfully like we been told...

The demons apparently figured out a while ago that targeting innocence for destruction is guaranteed to create mass insanity in any species.
In my small world I see astonishingly advanced children almost daily, kids with remarkable abilities in creativity, mental acuity, healing abilities, and general spiritual awareness. I have to conclude that this is also the case in every village and urban environment in the world. I also see them being ruined by unimaginably powerful and numerous forces loose in their wonder-full worlds. The emotions generated sometimes make me unable to breathe while I witness or hear of the amount of senseless abuse going on around where I am (and around the world). And even in our small town the headlines read: "Teachers to be laid off", while millions of scarce dollars are used to build 1) a "judicial complex" [read: huge jail, more cops, more psycho judges]; and 2) a "sports complex/'eco-park'" [to attract more mafioso 'sports' franchises to attract more asinine patrons to the infestation of casinos littering our Rio Grande valley]. Meanwhile the epidemic of child-abuse, battered women, and incest proceeds unabated. I won't even get into the habitat destruction involved in these insane projects....

I have to re-quote blogger A. Peasant here, because I've never found a more perfect statement on the overall world situation with respect to our children, and the shared sentiments of many of us as parents and grandparents -
"The harm to children reverberates in the space that connects the society of normal people. It rips a hole in that divine space of creativity, of spirit, of love that normal people all share in their natural empathy which the media constantly tries to beat out of us with their steady stream of desensitizing violence and porn. And it hurts. You don't have to know the people to feel their pain. You can imagine it. You can empathize, you understand. Words are not necessary when you can feel these things, and it's normal to feel these things. It's universal. It's totally normal to want to rip somebody's jugular out with your bare hands if they hurt a child. That's normal. People don't need to apologize for those feelings, those raw instincts. It helps us survive. Even wild animals like elephants instinctively put their young in the middle of a circle when predators approach. So what is to apologize for? Are we not also created with everything necessary for survival, plus more? Damn straight. We're supposed to be this way, we were made this way and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

So the word is that the new mutant bio-weapon combinate strain of e-coli in Europe TARGETS WOMEN, especially of child-bearing age. Is it all obvious enough yet?
Even better, it has been reported (in the f#%$& INDIA press!, later in UK and various alt. health sites) that in a Canada study of PREGNANT WOMEN living on a diet of GMO shit (yer basic 'supermarket' fare: GM soy, corn, potato), 93% were found to have the insecticidal protein from the "Bt" Mon-satan-o 'engineered' product IN THEIR BLOOD AND IN THEIR UMBILICAL CORDS, so it is clearly mutating the genetics of all future generations. A total Monsanto round-up needs to commence immediately. And world-wide.

Does anyone else find it interesting that ALL the non-human species
The Gentle Barn calf rescue
exhibit, on close observation, what we consider and understand to be the absolute essence of INNOCENCE? We have become an infected and toxic species imbedded within a natural Matrix of thousands of species hardwired to act in ways that preserve balance. The programming has attempted, and mostly succeeded, to entirely delete any consideration of balance, any hesitation to interfere with natural orders, any conscience to question any manner of manipulation of our environment and others who inhabit it, to enshrine our supposed "specialness" and "superiority" above all things of this world. The INNOCENCE, if noticed at all, is to be quickly dismissed from our minds.

That's how we get examples of heartless behavior like the ones previously exposed here last month and last year regarding the severe abuse of calves on 'dairy farms' (Conklin) in Ohio and (E6) in Texas. The ALF-type actions of the group MERCY FOR ANIMALS revealed what many of us have known goes on in "concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)" in the horrific videos released and posted here.
Well, in the latter case, I am happy to report that felony animal cruelty charges have been leveled against the owner and a number of employees in the "E6" Texass case. Furthermore, an organization called THE GENTLE BARN, based in CA,  recently covertly visited with the MFA infiltrator and managed to video the rescue of four chosen calves from the Texass operation. Sure, a drop in the bucket, but the symbology of this action is incredibly inspiring. The Gentle Barn sanctuary's particular focus is the use of all their formerly severely abused animals to assist in the rehabilitation of SEVERELY ABUSED CHILDREN. Many of the children are so traumatized that they cannot express their own painful inner world, but they are able to comprehend and relate to the animals' histories including their newfound freedom, joy, and healing. This has proven to have profound affects on the children's own ability to open and heal, as you might expect. I don't know, but this is an awfully bitchen phenomenon, having huge implications, in my view. A great example of 'right livelihood' and right use of an acquired environment/property.

As the director notes, "dairy farming [in today's world] = veal". That's the simple, stark reality. I have limited my personal dairy consumption to organic cheeses and half-and-half in coffee for last 30+ years. Too much time in India, intimately knowing my revered neighborhood cows, necessity of ghee for Ayurvedic health, [and possibly too many previous Indian lifetimes,] for me to give it up and go completely vegan. The height of sweetness is having the
neighborhood cows drop by for a visit and a treat. Matter of fact, 9 cows and a calf just visited here as I took a break from writing this to finish the Cancer Moon plantings in the yard. Just a coincidence, I'm sure. They came by yesterday for the first time as I began this post in a bovine-loving state of mind.

Here's an ALF tribute video out of Spain that I recently came across, with excellent music to accompany the message. (Lyrics translated) [If you don't know the story of "Britches", HERE is the definitive video.]

Turning away from the 'paths'/wetikos, into sanity: Recommending an outstanding article authored by Prahlad Shekhawat entitled SUFISM TO COUNTER FUNDAMENTALISM over at, an excellent source for all things South Asian.

"The great Mughal emperor Akbar was a keen follower of Khwaza Moinuddin and made annual pilgrimages to his tomb in Ajmer, India. He married a Hindu princess, gave her due respect and her son inherited the throne. He was fond of organizing Sufi dances and musical concerts. His empire extended from Kabul to parts of Burma....Akbar, although a devout Muslim evolved a composite multi-culture and encouraged rational enquiry and inter-faith dialogue to promote understanding and social harmony. Akbar founded a new all faith forum called 'Dine Ilahi' where scholars and spiritual leaders from all faiths were invited to dialogue and learn from each other’s point of view. In his autobiography, Akbar Namah, he affirmed: 'The various religious communities are treasures entrusted to us by God. We must love them as such. It must be our firm faith that He blesses every religion. The Eternal King showers his favors on all men without distinction'."

Aho, OmTatSat


nina said...

Thank you bho. If you wanted to bring tears of anguish and solidarity of healing you have succeeded.
The tactic I'm using lately is sort of a so what, who cares, I'm just going to say what needs to be said and do what needs doing. Silence is good too as is nonaction, but best to take up the slack where others have skipped the hard parts and just do what needs doing. Great post, sincerely. You shine through in the telling. Bless them all, the innocents, the gentle, the wonderers, our friends and fellows.

su said...

wow, this is one hell of a post my friend.
had me frowning, glaring and smiling.

when these things are all considered i look up again at the skies and say just let be there an end to this madness. it's not going to get better. it's not going to heal.
let there be an end to the suffering.

braham aham om.

neil said...

river birds
mountain sources
golden whispers
starry courses
windy reach
cosmic grace
founding centers
deepened waves
colored blooms
motioned dreams
living butterflys
nourished streams
lightning trails
natures good
lifting moments
deep inward


respect to you bho and your wonderful writings

Noor al Haqiqa said...

What I loved in India's big cities was the way the cattle were treated. I had gone there not knowing what to expect. Because of what I do, I asked my partner/guide who is Indian to keep me from the slums and show me the beauty of India. Well, of course that is impossible but he did his best.

Mostly we did the villages in the Western Ghatts but we did spend a lot of time in Bangalore most likely one of the largest cities in the land. Certainly one of the most modern and polluted. However, the cows... the cows. Blocking traffic at a five point intersection, the police trying to direct crowded noisy traffic around a few cows sitting right in the middle.

A businessman crossing a bridge and, as a cow ambles past him, touches her head reverently and blesses himself.

Cows that were beautiful and well kept by the populace and most likely fed many of the street beggar children.

I appreciated that wildlife ... except for monkeys and those poor street curs... just flew in and out of open windows. No one kept pets, they just lived with nature. Only in Bangalore did I see pets on leashes, alas, a few dogs walked by Western implants.

This article made me cry when I watched the films. Long have I been aware of the treatment of animals but the only action I have taken is that I purchase my meat from a local farm where the animals are raised as they ought to be. Slaughter is never "humane" but it can be made as merciful as possible. I know that the beef I eat comes from a cow who lived her life in a field in the days and nursed her own calves who eventually replaced her in the fields.

A small step, but important.

As for the loss of innocence. I remember when words like "gay" meant happy and light of spirit. Now, it means perverse. (Yeah I am politically incorrect, deal with it people).

This dirtying of the human species is planned warfare on our spirit, on the natural world. This is planned, part of the... well it is part of the Rothschild's satanic plan to destroy our souls to ready our race, the human race, for their Dark Lord.

Consider the filth in vaccines. The fact that some food mega industries are using fetal bits to make their products "smoother" "tastier" "sugar free" etc.

This is another form of filth. These creatures partake of the evil rituals you speak of, the worst abuses of our innocents. These creatures believe that even if the innocents partake of filth, unknowingly, it befouls them on subtle spiritual levels. It tinges the essence of the victim with what could be called "original sin".

Many many dis-eases are just that, dis ease of the spirit or soul. That theoretically could be one reason for the growth of depression and cancers that so threaten and weaken our society.

Do you remember when, as a child, you swam in a clean lake under a pure sun breathing clear air? How PURE and GOOD and WHOLESOME you felt? THIS is what they strive to kill!

Every one of us who has had these shots, eaten these foods, etc, are unknowingly partaking in their filth. I also believe that the moment we are aware of these obscenities we CAN take charge and come to grips with the situation.

Jung said "If anything is wrong, take it out of its place and put it in the vessel that is between your neighbor and yourself...For love of mankind, create a vessel into which you can catch all that damned poison. For it must be somewhere ~ it is always somewhere ~ and not to catch it, to say it doesn't exist, gives the best chance to any germ."

I know I have rambled a lot here, but this piece truly inspired me and that is where the inspiration you supplied took me.

Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom.

dublinmick said...

Great perspective bho as always. You are right it is insanity. I look at the people who believe all this shit sometimes scorn but I guess most of them don't even realize what is happening to them.

I am trying to stay close to beans and rice lately and I am two days into a grape fast as I had some chest pains.

One thing I recommend to everyone is yucca root. They must have it in the stores out that way, they do around here. It is the most complete food on the planet, one can live an entire lifetime on it. It tastes like a potato. Most of the Puerto Ricans around here eat, Cubans also. In Africa and Russia they called it the famine buster, but it is so easy to grow, Gates is trying to introduce a new Monsanto form of yucca. Can you believe that? It has cyanide in the leaves and the bugs won't touch it or they die.

SU you must have seen this stuff in Africa? If they screw it up many Africans will starve.

flipdog said...

there's an english saying (possibly originating in Victorian times, but that's only a guess): spare the rod, spoil the child.

the truth is: use the rod, ruin the adult. (the rod need not always be physical)