Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holy Manhood Personified - "Are You Really THAT Insane?!"

Ramana & his devotee Lakshmi
After the last couple of posts, I thought maybe I should acknowledge or at least for balance sake throw out a little human sanity...what the hell. 
If that vile imaginary-entity-propitiation shit happens again in 5 years, I'm gonna sign up for the full human extinction program.

It be waaaay past time for shit-canning those sentient-being sacrifices for propitiating ANY "gods". Not to assume the non-existence of gods/goddesses/angels/elementals, but, hey, a real goddess', say Mother Earth's, absolute LAST desire would be some kinda pointless, sicko death ritual of Her beautiful animal children. Beauty, on the other hand, is always the preferred offering in every situation.

I brought that thing up because I was tracking it 5 years ago, trying to get the word out, especially within the India-phile communities. I was horrified then because throughout all the years in India the water buffalo was my most loved animal - so gentle, shy, sensitive, beautiful in form and motion, lovely to swim with in the river, I was always drawn to their intelligent and humble gaze of their pretty eyes surrounded by the longest eyelashes ever seen. A wonderful feel to their skin. To me, they were as "holy" as anything else there walking, flying, swimming, or rooted. Still feeling a heavy heart. 

Been one helluva week here in ol' usa. Mostly I feel speechless. Nuthin' new, been this way as far back as I can remember. Guess a lot of folks younger than I think this is a recent development. The post-racial thing, and all that. Just a matter of diversity-fatigue. I have nothing to say; it's all been said too many times before with less than agreeable reception. Fuck it. 

My only point here today is to share the words, and the vibe, of this gentleman - a man who takes responsibility for his knowledge, position, and all that he is connected to. In 1975, Frank T'Seleie was Dene chief in Canada's Northwest Territories, university-educated and in his 20s. 


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