Monday, December 15, 2014

N. A. Naseer - wildlife photographer

By Sukumaran C. V

13 December, 2014

N. A. Naseer is a wildlife photographer par excellence....His photographs show the serene bond between him and the animals. He has wandered through the forests for years together without camera in hand and has become a part of the forest as the animals, birds, reptiles, butterflies and insects are. Only after being a part of it, he started to photograph the forest and its children.
"Now he has published a wonderful book in Malayalam titled Kaadine Chennu Thodumbole (When we Touch the Forest).

Naseer, who can rightly be called the Rachel Carson of Kerala, says in the book: "Everything should change and change is needed for everything. But the only thing that should not be changed is forest. I don't know how we can call those who kill trees and mountains and marshes humans…."

In his long years of forest life, he has encountered almost all animals and reptiles, in the wild, face to face. But no animal (the carnivore or herbivore) or reptile has ever attacked him. He says that the wild animals can perfectly differentiate the humans who are their friends, who see them with reverence from those who come to kill them, who see them as something dangerous. “If the wild animals come just in front of us and if we reach very close to them, it is because of an intimate language, the language of heart, which is recognized by both the photographer and the photographed animals. We commit grave mistake when we consider it as adventure.”

All photos by N. A. Naseer

White Buffalo (Gaur) Calf





nina said...

This is just WONDEROUS! Thank you.

neal said...

Wander for years, become immersed in the thing itself.
That is a good deal. Not going anywhere that gets funded, only the thing itself. Those rare photos are of a life well lived.

There was a time when pictures did not supplant memory.
Art as reminder, life goes on.

Adthvaitham said...

Master of Salt and jackfruit photography