Sunday, December 21, 2014

Solstice Love

Sending out some Solstice blessings, felicitations, and big ups to all who come here, all beings known and unknown, of all forms and formless, in this precious world. 

Whether one thinks of this moment in astrological terms, as a primitive religious concept, a designated celebratory date of the 'evil ones', or just another day of no consequence, you might just, with a little research, be able to grasp the auspiciousness of a marked turning-point in one of the major cycles of motion taking place perpetually in our reality matrix of intimately-connected-movement-and-time, an unceasing, defining quality of all that exists. Nothing stands still. All is in motion. And everything is turning. It's where we live.
Today is when the time-keeping clock-hands of the Sun-Earth story-dance cycle strike midnight.
What's not to love?....and celebrate?

This 'year'! This one that just went by....I think the most difficult, personally, of all in my lifetime. Certainly the most stressful, the most mind-wracking, the most crazy-making, and the most faith-testing of any I can remember. 
And the last 4 days of this one were the most intense testing ones of the whole year!!!

Only on this very day - Solstice 2014 - was my mind and remembered self restored fully. 
I feel I can begin again. With certainty of grace and protection renewed. It's been one helluva ride, once again, that terrifying solo descent into and back out of the underworld. 
I'm not alone here, am I right? 

Today's newsflash is: there are angels, in the purest sense, located closer than breath, that are unceasing in their support and protection. Yeah, we freely make those 'choices', for better or worse....Yet one could even say the angels are us
Divine work is going on on unimaginable levels and scope. And we, ourselves, are affecting vast numbers of life-forms with every prayer, thought, word, and action, though most of it remains invisible to our mundane awareness. We are not powerless, though we have been made to believe so.

I will say that I am intimately aware of a number of embodied angelic beings with whom I have had encounters in this life, and who continue doing what they do and check-in occasionally (heh). I will not name, describe, nor say any more on this here.
With an open heart and love-expanding perseverance you will meet similar ones in resonance with your own needs. This is assured, though it may seem to take forever.

Now it's 8 hours into the new cycle, and another certainty is that we don't know what will happen next, but let's join in collectively dropping fear, and embracing the unknown in this moment and knowing that Love is the strongest thing in the universe. 
Enjoy the following, put up on this very auspicious day itself - 12/21/14

OK,'s a bonus - the debate rages, between the lovers and the it tortoise altruism or not, respectively? 
You decide (grin).


lauren said...

It seems the solstice is the only event in this season worth paying attention to. As the light returns it is a beautiful image to take in and offer to your darker thoughts and depressing images. Those that are so easy to come by in this world full of tragedy, much of which is avoidable. After sitting in the dark silently with some friends for an hour or two during the time of the solstice we then sat around a fire telling stories and 'praying' together. What is praying? We put forth intents and wishes for the planet, friends and ourselves for this next cycle. We spoke of our smallness and felt our utter humility in the face of the total mystery of life that we find ourselves in. We were grateful to be alive at all. I am grateful to you for sharing your thoughts, wild, serious, unpredictable, wise, angry, curious and loving. Thanks.

bholanath said...

Thank you for that beautiful sharing!

su said...

Sending you oceans of love and strength. Ligthing a candle for you and yours. May Light touch, love and transform us all.