Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We Are All Bees Now

Bhramari Devi
Well, it's happened before, and seems to be getting more frequent, but animalliberationfront website has been down again for last 3 days at least. No surprise, since they, of course, are the most dangerous terrist threat to our great nation under god and, actually, all life on earth and everything good and wholesome and righteous.  So it's probably for our own protection by those who care so very much about all us proles.

There's a great article I'd like to share today about the emotional life of bees, and that is the sort of thing which I would always prefer to post in this space, but unfortunately there is a bit more of this little problem of all-pervading bullshit on the internet....
I know almost nobody reads my scribbling rantings, and I seem to have run out of things to say these days. I may have had some relevant, maybe even original, things to say in the past, and I was doing this for certain reasons, but I find now I can do no more than just repeat things I have written way too many times already, and I will probably only continue this blogspace with linking other writers and bloggers who have much more original things to say and are more articulate in getting crucial information across. 

Here is one rant that you shouldn't miss. 

See, this morning I had to bust a forum/blog because one of the admins posted a fake article from a fake "news" site regarding an environmental issue in the Amazon. He answered that "he had no idea the site was fake". It took me about 2 seconds to determine that the article and site linked was fake. Who the fuck are these people? I don't think they are even real in the identities that they project online. I believe there is a huge amount of this covert misdirection going on in these "open", "free", "truthseeking", "progressive" sites and blogs. Readers now have to be extremely vigilant and investigate what appears to be the above. The 'alternative' web is now way worse than mainstream media and way more voluminous. 
The above mentioned forum is closely associated with the wacko JimStone. He's the guy who posts shit like 'the 43 student-teachers murdered and incinerated in Mexico were communist thugs', and then this and more of his crap is picked up by VT, Rense, Truthseeker, and others. Then you get the shit about the fake 'oathkeepers' who claim all the protesters are "communists and muslims". It beats the crap outta me why anyone would want to be associated with these conscienceless and totally compromised characters with all the horseshit right-wing mind-fuckery that they push. These assholes, posing as 'alternatives to fascist mouthpieces'/'exposers of evil'/'supporters of culture' should all be incarcerated at the very minimum. A good portion naturally have spook or military 'backgrounds' too, duh. 

Nobody, in this day and age, with a strong such 'background' should be trusted as far as you can throw them. This is called "authoritarian follower" syndrome. It is a subset/symptom of WETIKO, plain and simple, hello. Actually they are equivalent. And it's not just limited, obviously, to the males with their hyper-masculinity cop-and-military 'culture', but includes the women who are attracted to those in uniforms of brutality

The western world, and indeed the entire world, is now full of these 'adult children' posing as adults. But let's not gloss over the fact that amerikka truly leads the way in being the most evil collectivity/empire ever to exist in the last 9000 years. One good thing is that there's no racism or misogyny - just ask a racist or misogynist anyone. Actually, 'evil' or 'horrific' or 'monstrous' doesn't even begin to come close to describing what needs to be utterly wiped from the face of the earth. If it were up to me, I'd nullify all laws and ownership, and just turn the whole damn thing over to a few generations of indigenous grandmothers to sort out. There are no words in any language to describe what the anglo/'murrkin/israhell/canadian/australian whatever-you-call-it is. All politicians, corporate execs, and spook/military heads (and all who even minutely support them) need to roll off the guillotine platform into the bucket asap for the extremely slight possibility of preservation of life on the planet. (And that should include the 'scientific', 'medical', and 'legal' establishment perps too.)

We still have no idea how anything like that might possibly come about, short of a 'miracle'. But, miracles do happen. Our own lives can attest to that. 
I still don't know if I even want to continue keeping this site alive, but I do acknowledge that, even if those un-compromised are a tiny minority, they have done and continue to do great work and service. I would include, among others, the previously linked Timster, A Peasant, Nina, Chris Floyd, 'willyloman', KulturCritic, easyidler, R. Sauder, Desdemona, Aang, Vivek, DublinMick, Zoner, and probably others I'm forgetting right now. These lovely folks have truly been an inspiration and comfort these past years. 108 thanks and praises!

Please read this fascinating study about the bee situation. It is not the usual or like what we're all familiar with. 

Musical break - "there will be an answer...."


Anonymous said...

Now wait just a moment ... something is out of alignment here (grins).

"It beats the crap outta me why anyone would want to be associated with these conscienceless and totally compromised characters with all the horseshit right-wing mind-fuckery that they push."

That's why you gotto write capeesh. There are two sides to this dance .. writers and readers, i.e., I read, you write. That is how it is supposed to work. WTF am I going to read if you stop writing? I read all the others already.

More seriously, yes, it is a small dance, and few are uncompromised, and few even have the words to present that to others. Kindly continue dancing with words.

Here is a little acoustic folk tearjerker .. different from your usual. We're not alone bro. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=111310&songID=762435&showPlayer=true

Anonymous said...

I was some places, and I know what I saw. I have been pissed off, betrayed, sad beyond measure. And laughed at the thing that keeps paying attention.

Now, I try to stay out of it, and mind my business, what is left.

Worlds come and go. I do not think real makers get to stick around for a response. Probably built in to the thing itself.

bholanath said...

@anon 10:13am
bitchen song, thanks!
yeah, we're not alone...most days seems like only the music helps.